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Multinational face of Dubai – property is now available not only for the high and mighties

Dubai is not only for the rich  

Dubai Tourism Department experts note that the portrait of the average visitor to the emirate is slowly but steadily changing. In the middle of the 2000s, visitors from the Persian Gulf countries, as well as wealthy Europeans and Russians, could be found here. Over the past few years, however, an increasing number of middle-class visitors have emerged among the emirate’s visitors: the emirate is no longer a closed luxury destination for premium vacations and is turning into an attractive resort where vacationers of all income levels can find suitable deals. Buying apartments in Dubai for foreigners is not something unusual, it is already a conventional thing. 

Nationalities in Dubai

Thus, over the past three years, analysts have noted an increase in the number of Asian tourists in the emirate: if the average growth of tourist flow in Dubai during this period was 7%, then for citizens of Asian countries this figure approached the impressive mark of 22%. Assessing the most likely prospects for the tourism industry, experts expect Asia to become the most important and key destination market for the emirate.

At the moment, the indisputable leadership belongs to tourists from India: their number in the emirate in the period from January to September 2017 amounted to almost one and a half million people, an increase of 20% compared to last year. In addition, as mentioned above, there is a sharp increase in the number of tourists from China and Russia – the latter has shown truly unprecedented growth. Finally, analysts record a steady increase in the number of tourists from the UK, Germany and the Gulf countries – together they make up about 40% of all visitors to the emirate.

Dubai authorities are attracting different nations to buy property in the emirate

Dubai authorities explain that in their quest to ensure the growing influx of tourists, they are working to attract guests from a wide variety of destinations: in today’s world with constantly changing economic and political trends, it would be unwise to concentrate on only one country market. Experts are constantly looking for new promising destinations that can become an attractive source of tourist flow. For example, developing countries have an enviable potential: South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia are on the list of priority destinations for the Dubai tourism market. To draw attention to their proposals and create positive impressions for tourists from the trip, the authorities are not only adjusting the visa regime but also improving the infrastructure: in addition to the work with transport networks mentioned above, the government is stimulating the creation of suitable real estate in the emirates.

Ax Capital will help you buy property in Dubai

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