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My perspective on tasting caviar in the best possible way

Tasting caviar in the best possible way
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Caviar, we make a big deal out of it: which caviar to choose, how to serve it, how to accommodate it, and where should you buy it?

It’s caviar season, I can’t go without it at Christmas. This is the perfect festive time to taste it. For me, caviar is inseparable from dreams of a Russia covered in snow and great cold fought with sips of vodka.

Which caviar to choose?

It is better to taste a little but good. Caviar does not suffer abuse. Then it’s a matter of taste. Here are the main characteristics of the caviars that you can meet easily:

Baeri: is soft caviar, finely iodized and buttery on the finish. Its grains are relatively small but it can be very good. Be careful, however, as badly worked, it can reveal a very unpleasant muddy flavor.
Oscietra: This caviar is quite musky, it has wild and powerful tones. It’s a product of the sea, undoubtedly. The beans are quite firm and crackled under the palate. To offer to a lover of strong flavors.
Beluga: it is the Tsar of caviars, large grains, tender, iodized and buttered. It brings together all the refined characteristics of caviars in a single grain over an incredible length in the mouth. It’s also imperial luxury!

How to serve it?

Open the box a little in advance so that the eggs take a little oxygen and express themselves a little. But keep cool though.
Do not use metal cutlery.
20 to 30g of per person, this is the right proportion

How to accommodate it?

Caviar likes simplicity: it also likes naturalness. You can serve it as is, with a drink such as brut champagne., like me, you pour into Russia with a vodka that you have kept in the freezer for incomparable freshness!

If you want to accompany it, here are the two solutions:

As an aperitif, toast or blinis with a little raw whipped cream, it’s perfect. You can also place a small spoonful on a hard quail egg cut in half, on an open-shelled egg, on a plain gouge cut in half with a little cream, on half a fingerling potato with a touch of cream if you want it. Or just like some excellent chefs do for salmon roe, on an ultra-fresh burrata!

As a main course, caviar likes fresh pasta with butter, beef, steak of white fish just pan-fried, baked potato with salted whipped cream, grilled lobster, scampi just seared on a stone grill, scallops and white butter, etc. Caviar is like you, it’s a foodie.

Where should you buy it?

Of course, the fine restaurants in your city. If you don’t have them in your city you may have to buy caviar online. There are a variety of online caviar shops that you can find, but in my experience, Caspianmonarque is the best.

Hopefully, my experience will help you enjoy caviar in the best possible way!

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