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Lab grown vs natural diamonds

This case study explores the difference between lab grown vs natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds look very similar to the naked eye, but they do have different characteristics. Some jewelry stores now offer lab grown or synthetic diamonds to customers which cost a lot less than natural diamonds. For customers looking to purchase jewelry such as an engagement ring, it can become confusing on which type of diamond to choose. Yes, lab grown diamonds do come with a cheaper price tag, but do they really measure up to the real thing?

The Difference

Natural diamonds are the most common choice for engagement rings. They are from the earth, take billions of years to form, and are really unique. Even though you might save a substantial amount buying a natural diamond from an online retailer, natural diamonds are highly priced. The four C’s which are cut, clarity, color and carat, all weigh in on how much a diamond costs, and the higher the quality and carat of a diamond, the higher price you pay.

Many couples cannot afford to pay such high prices for an engagement ring, especially when just starting out in life. This is where lab grown diamonds come into play. The idea of lab created diamonds is fairly new, but they are quickly picking up in popularity.

Lab made diamonds can either be created by using High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or by the process of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). As the science grows, the quality of lab grown diamonds are increasing, and while they might seem very similar to natural diamonds to the untrained eye, experts can pick them out almost immediately.

Diamonds grown in a lab are also classified using the four C’s, but they are almost 30-40% cheaper than natural diamonds. It is important to remember though, that the rarity of natural diamonds caps the market, meaning that the price only increases over time. Whereas with more lab diamonds being produced, and with them increasing in quality over time, they are not really a good investment, and a diamond grown by a lab this year might not measure up at all to diamonds grown in a lab ten years from now.

Choosing The Right Diamond

When it comes down to choosing between a natural or lab grown diamond, for now, it is recommended to stick to natural diamonds.

The main reasoning behind this is the resale value. It might be a large investment at first, but at least you know it will hold most of its value over time, compared to lab grown diamonds which will not.

However, if you cannot afford the initial investment of a naturally grown diamond and are not worried about it holding value over time, then, by all means, choose a lab grown diamond. That is the purpose they are there to serve, and it also gives you a chance to save up to buy a natural diamond later down the line to celebrate your anniversary. The main thing is to never buy a diamond you cannot afford, and with lab grown diamonds, you don’t have to!

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