Planning for quality and productivity
A Nissan case study

Page 6: The importance of training

It is vital to train people to work in such a hi-tech industry with such sophisticated quality systems. NMUK's training department conducts a training needs analysis to assess individual employees' needs and to organise training programmes.

The department concentrates on five main areas:

1. technical development - e.g. teaching skills relating to robotics and electrics, plus the required knowledge e.g. wiring rules/regulations.

2. people development - identifying employee needs and ambitions; providing courses to help personal development e.g. in team building and communication skills

3. understanding processes - workshops covering safety, production operations etc

4. computer skills and graduate training - from basic to highly technical

5. trainee development - courses for graduate trainees ranging from accountancy to team building.

Nissan | Planning for quality and productivity


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