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Online Gambling in Asia: Is it profitable to operate an online casino?

The gambling industry is always evolving. Constant innovations in technology are making it easier for online casinos everywhere to keep up to date with trends in entertainment and gaming.

As the market continues to expand for online gaming, you may wonder: is it a lucrative undertaking? Lots of things can affect an online gambling business, just like any other. However, running a casino online instead of a live casino has its advantages as well.

What is online gambling?

Online gambling, or online betting, is a type of gambling enjoyed over the internet, or online. Typically, online gambling replicates authentic casino games, the most popular games being poker, online sports betting, and slots.

During the 1990’s, as the internet began to take shape, it quickly became obvious that the internet could be an avenue where gambling could expand. Online gambling may feel like a new endeavor, but in fact, gambling software was developed as early as 1995.

Now, online gambling and online casinos mostly exist within lucrative onilne casino websites. Often, these online casinos will offer the standard casino experience: slot machines, poker, even onilne sports betting.

Is online gambling legal in Asia?

The legal status of online gambling in Asia is a complex issue, you can see an example https://s-bobet.com/. Online forms of gambling are totally banned in some countries, such as China, Cambodia, and South Korea, just to name a few. For gamblers in mainland China, the easiest way to dodge the issue of legality is to play in Hong Kong- nicknamed the Asian Las Vegas. Many have lax online gambling laws that can be bent (like in the Philippines), and more have laws that can be outright subverted with the use of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs (such is the case in Vietnam).

Meanwhile, there are also countries like India, which has divided laws and regulated differently in every state. States in India tend to operate on their own authority, each with nuanced stances on the legality of online betting. As an aside, India addressed online gaming recently with the Federal Information Technology Rules, which blocks online gambling with internet providers in the country.

Is operating an online casino still profitable in Asia?

With legality in mind, you may be wondering: is it profitable to operate an online gambling service in Asia? The short answer is yes, it can be. The industry has reported growing to a worth of $51 billion in 2018, with online gambling making up more than seventy percent of that growth at $40 billion. The online casino market in the Asia-Pacific is riding this wave of gaming revenue, which reported a worth of $72 billion in 2019.

In Asia, the online gambling industry is propelled by independent online betting sites, one of them being 918Kiss. 918Kiss is a popular online casino website based in Malaysia, which also operates in Brunei and Singapore. While lots of these online casinos exist and operate in different countries, 918Kiss offers a mobile platform as well as a desktop interface. The diversity of their platforms shows that as long as companies innovate, there will always be a market for online casinos.

Online casinos like 918Kiss provide an online space to enjoy an authentic casino experience, without sacrificing your comfort or security. These online casinos offer a variety of games, and will often have a massive client base and lots of opportunities to win.


While the gambling market is unpredictable, there is definitely an opportunity to profit from the massive online gambling industry.It’s hard to deny that there are many successful online gambling operators in Asia alone, even with complex issues like legality and the international market. One of the leading casino platforms in Asia is the thabet casino. As long as there is internet access and a customer base constantly looking for the next, new thing, online gambling and betting will continue to grow.


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