Roles & responsibilities
An OPITO case study

Page 1: Introduction

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OPITO is the focal point for skills, learning and workforce development in the oil & gas industry. It aims to deliver the right skills for the industry now and in the future. OPITO was established to meet industry demand for a competent and competitive workforce. To achieve this it works with industry employers, training providers and higher education providers. Careers for life are now...
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Page 2: Workforce planning

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Workforce planning is a fundamental tool used by many organisations. This involves estimating future workforce requirements in terms of both labour demand and skills to aid the achievement of business objectives. An appropriately skilled workforce is critical to an organisations short-term and long-term future in order to remain competitive. The industry requires a highly talented workforce...
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Page 3: Functions of an organisation

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The range of roles and departments within the industry and within individual organisations means that they must be divided into specialised functions in order to work effectively. There are several ways of doing this. For example, if the company is national or international it may be divided geographically, national companies may then be split by region whilst international companies may be...
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Page 4: Roles and responsibilities

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To ensure employees work as efficiently as possible it is important to have clearly defined job roles and responsibilities. This is particularly important in large firms to ensure no part of the workload is overlooked. In smaller organisations job roles may be less structured as employees may be required to take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Job descriptions Clear job...
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Page 5: Roles within the oil & gas industry

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The oil and gas industry offers many different roles requiring different skills in different environments:Kirsty, an Administration Assistant, is just starting her career in the oil & gas industry. Kirsty joined a contracting company straight from school and recommends the industry as a great place to work. Since joining the company she has begun a business and administration course. The course is...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Organisations within the oil & gas industry seek to extract resources efficiently, safely and profitably to serve world markets. To do this OPITO has developed standards which help to ensure processes meet these requirements. The industry requires talented and competent employees to ensure these standards are maintained. In order to do this, as well as employing directly, the industry often...
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