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Post-lockdown safety practices for every business

In the last several months, the human race in its entirety has been going through one of the most difficult periods in modern history. The pandemic has affected the way we lead our everyday life. From kids to senior citizens, no one was unaffected. It’s needless to say that one of the hardest hits was done to the world’s economy which is more than obvious when you look at the unemployment rates.

The desire and the need for things to go back to the way they used to be before the pandemic started is more than evident in every part of society. Although businesses were quick to adopt the ‘working from home’ model, it’s more than obvious people are anxiously awaiting the day they are allowed back to their offices. By all accounts, getting back to normal will take some time, however, companies need to start planning their post-lockdown approach.

Take Care of Your Employees

People want to go back to work but before this crisis is over, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to categorize your employees based on their health conditions. Although we are all vulnerable when it comes to this virus, some individuals carry a bigger risk of developing serious medical problems than others. Covid-19 represents a greater threat to those who have respiratory issues or some kind of chronic disease.

So, finding out which of your workers have these conditions and allowing them to stay and do their work from home would be a good move. Not only will you protect them but you will also keep the rest of your employees safe by minimizing the number of people they come in contact with on a daily basis. It’s very important to assure your workers you are thinking of their health as well as the health of their families.

Sanitize Your Work Space

Hygiene is very important in this sort of situation. If poorly maintained, it will increase the risk of your employees getting sick. There are national commercial office cleaning services that are ready to tackle this task with no problem. They will not only keep your office clean but will also protect the well-being of your workers by following all the Government’s rules and regulations.

Also, place hand sanitizers and tissues all around the office and make sure they are being regularly refilled. They will help in getting rid of the germs and make the environment safer for everyone involved. Rearranging a workplace is also necessary in order to keep individuals at the appropriate distance. Encourage them to wear face masks as much as possible and make sure they know what’s the appropriate protocol when they have to cough or sneeze.

Provide Access to Mental Health Experts

These lockdown months have not been easy. Some took it more harshly than others and getting back to a normal working rhythm can be quite challenging. Although some welcomed the opportunity to spend more time with their families and friends, others have felt rather isolated and scared due to the whole situation.

When they finally get back to the office, some of them might still carry around that fear and uncertainty with them. This sort of tension can reduce their productivity significantly. So, it’s essential for employers to make them feel safe.

One of the ways to do that is by providing them with access to mental health experts. Also, it wouldn’t be bad to organize some sort of group sessions where employees can talk to each other and share their experiences and thoughts.

Travel Only When Necessary

Another work activity that will have to be managed differently after lockdown is business travels. Even when the lockdown stops, the risk of contracting the virus is not gone. That’s why it’s important to restrict your work-related trips to a minimum.

The first option should always be to try and get things done remotely. However, if this is not possible, traveling between locations should be done in a regulated manner. Use private vehicles and avoid public transport. When on a location, don’t shake hands and keep your social distance from the rest of the people.

The pandemic of 2020 has seriously affected the world’s economy. The number of businesses that have gone under is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Given the seriousness of both health and financial situations, it’s necessary to have a plan for when the lockdown finally ends.

As an employer, it’s up to you to create a safe working environment and protect your employees. By doing this, you will not only eliminate the danger of office outbreak but also keep the productivity levels high.

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