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The role of hand held infrared thermometers in pandemic containing

The world sees pandemics and endemics from time to time, and with that comes more measures being put in place to ensure they are better managed when next there is another occurrence. This time around, it is the novel coronavirus which hit the world almost at a surprise angle, but we are coping with it too.

With these in tow, we should know that this might not be the end of such outbreaks. That means that better systems need to be installed now to prepare for the new outbreaks before they come lest they become more deadly than even the ones which we have seen in the past.

Thus, we discuss how a handheld infrared camera rapid screening equipment can help manage future occurrences better.

Boosting the Diagnosis

Viral infections come with a fever which translates to heightened body temperatures.

For one such as the novel coronavirus, it is even bad enough that it spreads almost in the blink of an eye. If that is true, then we have to consider how to identify and isolate those that have the infection before they can come in contact with too many people at the same time.

Since the symptoms will not always show (even though the virus has started to manifest in the host’s body), it becomes important to have a system in place that measures body temperatures of different individuals in different spaces. In clusters with fast traffic, it is of paramount importance to have people tested one by one.

This is very portable thermometers come into use. Installed in airports, railway stations, gatherings and such other areas that will see crowds, a hand-held infrared thermometer can quickly scan people as they pass by and transmit their body temperatures from various parts of their bodies to the screen.

If the body temperature of an individual is above the normal range, the temperature profile of it is enough as an evidence to rule him/her into the class of those that should be quarantined immediately.

Better than that, though, is the next model.

Lesser Risk of Infection

Health workers always have to put themselves on the line when they go in to treat infected patients. The rate at which they would have to do this will go down considerably when they are equipped with a body temperature camera instead. This will enable them to make the measurements they need from afar without making themselves risks of a possible infection too.

Following the point above, such a handheld infrared thermal camera could also be used to sense an infected person who doesn’t know that they are a carrier of certain diseases for treatment. This makes sure they are not left to roam about and infect others before their symptoms start to show too.

Preparing for the Future

Many people are still of the opinion that infrared thermal cameras are only meant for industrial use. Seeing as the products of top manufacturers like Dali have already stared being deployed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau for human health and safety reasons, the former assumption could not be farther from the truth.

Now, with the confirmed cases of COVID-19 soaring in worldwide, the use of infrared thermal cameras to detect potential infections has become a priority. As a leading manufacturer of the infrared thermal imaging camera, Dali has been struggling to contain the virus. As early as when the virus was raging in China, Dali had already deployed many infrared thermometers in major cities across the country. Now, Dali is committed to ensuring the supply of hand-held infrared thermometers for all countries and helping them overcome the battle together.

If there was a good time to start with integrating a handheld infrared camera into the healthcare system, it is now.

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