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The People Collection Business Case Studies eBook

This e-book collects all 70 people focused case studies to give you everything you need to know about the people side of the curriculum in one helpful e-book. The collection has studies on recruitment, human resource management (HRM), leadership and many many more. This is a great way to get all you need to excel in your exams but also to gain real insight into the corporate world. The case studies were written alongside top businesses, so whether you’re taking your GSCEs or getting stuck into a dissertation, there’s plenty of relevant and accessible information on offer to make sure you’re up to date on all people based topics.

The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online.
The titles of the business studies case studies included in this eBook are:
Competitive advantage through diversity

This case study demonstrates how Tarmac is benefiting from developing a diverse workforce.

Using diversity and inclusion to build a competitive edge

The case study demonstrates how businesses can create a strategy that incorporates a more diverse workforce in order to gain an edge over competitors.

The business benefits of diversity

This case study describes how Lloyds TSB uses a sexual orientation strategy as part of its diversity programme to deliver improved business benefits.

Positive about disability

The case study shows that developing positive working practices that deal with disability benefits both employers and employees.

Investing in people and in brands

This case study identifies the important contribution that human resources make to brand image.

Developing a Human Resource strategy

This case study focuses on Human Resource Management (HRM) within Tarmac. It looks at how workforce planning and other HR strategies enable Tarmac to meet its mission.

Building Human Resources to provide a foundation for growth

This case study explains the importance of customer service as part of the overall product offered by organisations and how customer service helps to give an organisation a competitive advantage.

Acas and effective workplaces

This case study helps students understand how Acas improves employer/employee relations so workplaces become more effective and productive.

UNISON and unions' wider role

This case study explains why employers and employees need to agree on what is fair in the workplace and explains the role of unions in both protecting and representing workers at both local and national level.

Negotiation and representation at work

This case study shows how UNISON is working with employers to support and develop high quality apprenticeship schemes for young people in line with government policy.

Workforce planning at British Gas

This case study explores how British Gas manages the recruitment and selection of new employees.

Meeting business needs through workforce planning

This case study looks at why the FCO needs people with transferable skills who can adapt easily and undertake many different roles and responsibilities within the organisation.

Managing workforce requirements

This case study shows how a dynamic and growing company needs to recruit new people with new skills to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century.

Flexible working patterns at the Audit Commission

This case study shows how the Audit Commission has implemented flexible working practices to improve its services and meet the changing needs of its staff.

Changing work patterns at Lloyds TSB

This case study shows how Lloyds TSB uses flexible working patterns to attract, appoint, motivate and retain its staff in order to deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Recruiting, selecting and training entrepreneurial managers

This case study identifies Arcadia’s main brands and explains the meaning of management and different styles of management.

The recruitment, selection and training of people at Arcadia

This case study helps students understand recruitment, selection, training and development.

Using effective recruitment to retain competitive advantage

This case study explains the importance of employee recruitment procedures as a means of maintaining competitive advantage.

Recruitment and selection at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

This case study explores how Enterprise ensures it has the right people and skills to achieve its business aims and objectives.

Recruiting, selecting and training for success

This case study outlines the key stages and processes involved in the recruitment process, and explains why McDonald’s places high emphasis on its people and the recruitment process.

Recruitment and selection in the energy industry

This case study focuses on how ScottishPower manages its recruitment and selection processes to attract people with relevant skills and competencies into the energy industry.

Recruitment and selection at Tesco

This case study looks at how Tesco ensures it has the right number of people in the right jobs and at its structured process for recruitment and selection.

Business expansion through training and development

This case study will demonstrate how Aldi’s training and development programmes help ensure its employees have the skills and competencies that the business requires both now and in the future.

Meeting business needs through training and development

This case study explains how ASDA's training and development programmes enable its General Store Managers (GSMs) to develop the skills and experience they need to become the Regional Operations Managers (ROMs) and senior leaders.

Developing people through training

The case study will show how training and development is central to the work of the Forestry Commission and how it benefits the career development of its people.

Developing a career path in retail

This case study shows how Harrods develops its employees so they can achieve a rewarding career in retail.

The role of training and development in career progression

This case study shows how training and development support new business strategies and company values and help a company to cope with change.

Developing skills in a large organisation through training and development

This case study outlines how training and development ensures employees have appropriate skills to meet the current and future needs of the organisation.

Managing change through training and development

This case study examines the role of people in improving the rail network and the British economy.

Training and development at NDA

This case study shows how NDA has put a training and development strategy in place to ensure it has the best employees to help deliver its mission.

Apprenticeship training within the steel industry

s apprenticeship programme, drawing on the experiences of three current apprentices. It also considers the broader training challenge for a modern engineering business such as SFIL.

Training and development as a strategy for growth

This case study shows how Siemens manages its ongoing need for skills and the contribution that training and development make to its business growth.

How training and development support business growth

This case study looks at how Tesco provides training and development opportunities for its employees.

The advantages of centralisation

This case study looks at why and how a number of HR activities have recently been centralised at the Legal Services Commission and the benefits these changes have brought to staff, the public and the organisation.

Factors affecting organisational structure

This case study shows how the important roles played by people who work for the Commission are structured. It outlines how this structure helps the Forestry Commission in its vital role in protecting Britain's forests.

Developing an effective organisational structure

The case study shows how Syngenta operates though a matrix structure. This involves staff from different departments working together in teams on specific projects and tasks.

Tarmac's functions - working together towards its mission statement

This case study examines how organisational structure and departmental functions all contribute to the achievement of business objectives.

Developing responsiveness through organisational structure

This case study looks at organisational structures and how UNISON’s structure is designed to allow it to make decisions and respond quickly to changes in order to help its members.

Achieving betters Public Services - The work of the Audit Commission

This case study helps students understand how training and development can improve service.

Roles and responsibilities within an organisational structure

This case study shows how different roles can be organised within the structure of KBR to enable it to achieve its mission.

Developing people through decision making

This case study explores the way in which RWE npower delegates responsibility to extend the capabilities of its employees.

Job roles at Specsavers

The case study shows how different job roles are structured within the organisation and how they support Specsavers' business.

How roles and functions contribute to competitive advantage

This case study shows how Tarmac focuses on attracting and keeping the right staff and ensuring its employees have the right skills and expertise to grow the company.

How roles and functions contribute to organisational performance

This case study focuses on how the people in Tarmac Quarry Materials deliver the highest value for customers, communities, employees and investors.

Roles, responsibilities and career development

This case study illustrates the variety of career paths available within British Gas, the structures that employees work within and the levels of responsibility for each role.

Roles and responsibilities

This case study demonstrates how the right people with the right skills ensure that the sector can maximise the recovery of the remaining oil and gas reserves as well as remain competitive and profitable.

Operations management: the Wincanton way

This case study explains the range of activities involved in supply chain and logistics management.

Financial information in decision making

This case study looks at the roles and duties that management accountants cover in a business and at CIMA, an organisation which supports management accountants through training and certification.

Managing risk through effective team-based decision making

This case study highlights the skills necessary for creative problem solving and effective decision making at RWE npower.

Using teamwork to build a better workplace

This case study illustrates how CMI, by training managers and leaders, supports the work of effective team-working within the workplace.

Communicating with stakeholders

This case study explores how Bernard Matthews has addressed the challenges of communicating with its customers and other important stakeholders.

The importance of effective communication

This case study shows how building societies communicate with their own members on many different levels.

Devising a communications plan

This case study examines how Kellogg’s devised a plan to communicate the importance of breakfast to selected target audiences through a multi-platform campaign. This was in support of its ‘Help give a child a breakfast’ campaign.

Using effective communication to create direction

This case study helps students understand communication processes and the benefits for an organisation of effective communication.

Using Business Principles to support ethical communication

This case study looks at how ethical Business Principles can overcome the challenges of communicating effectively with employees and external stakeholders.

Creating a high performance culture

This culture case study highlights how committed employees contribute to the growth of an organisation and describes how a high performance culture delivers business benefits.

Developing appropriate leadership styles

This case study will show how Tesco's leadership framework is fundamental to developing the qualities of leadership needed at every level in the business.

The importance of effective management

This case study looks at the theoretical basis behind CMI's highly regarded practices and shows how CMI ensures its members have the practical skills to make an impact in business.

Using a range of management styles to lead a business

This case study focuses on leadership within Enterprise. It shows how its managers use a range of management and leadership styles to support Enterprise's focus on customers.

Management styles in the oil and gas industry

This case study examines how different management styles may be necessary to support the variety of job roles within the oil and gas industry.

Developing the skills for managing change

This case study illustrates how CMI supports the development of effective managers.

Overcoming barriers to change

This case study focuses on how Corus Strip Products UK has overcome barriers to change in order to secure a more prosperous future for the business.

Motivation within an innovative work environment

This case study will analyse motivational theory in the context of the employees of ARM Holdings PLC.

Motivation: how Egg unleashes the power of people

This case study helps students understand how companies motivate their staff, recognising how individual employee's needs are different.

Motivation in action

This case study looks at ways in which Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Enterprise) managers find out about what motivates their staff.

Building a better workplace through motivation

This case study focuses on how Kellogg's motivates its people. It illustrates how the use of motivational techniques helps to develop the business as a ‘great place to work’.

Developing a motivated workforce

This case study will show how developing a motivated workforce enables NDA to deliver safe and sustainable solutions to nuclear clean-up and waste management.

Motivating through Total Reward

This case study shows motivation theory in action and describes how a company can achieve the highest level of commitment from its employees.

Motivation within a creative environment

This case study demonstrates how Siemens provides an innovative environment as part of its overall focus on motivating its people.

Motivation theory in practice at Tesco

This case study looks at how Tesco motivates its employees by increasing their knowledge, skills and job satisfaction through training and development and providing relevant and timely reward and recognition.

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Language: English
Publisher: Business Case Studies (19 April 2013)
ISBN: 978-1-909918-19-1
Number of volumes: 6

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