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Edition 12 Business Case Studies eBook


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Edition 12 gathers together 33 unique case studies, all presented in an open and accessible format. These studies not only keep you in the know with the curriculum, but also offer a real insight into businesses, and what makes the corporate world go round. To make sure your whole school or university can access the e-book, your teacher can go for the ‘Network Licence’ option.
The e-book is a great learning resource no matter what stage you’re at with your education, whether you’re new to your GSCEs or starting a dissertation. The info was written alongside many of the world’s top businesses, setting the e-book apart from other curriculum sources.
While this edition is a great tool in the classroom, it’s also useful at home if you just want to brush up on your e-reader.  
The case studies are supported by additional learning materials such as PowerPoints, handouts, MP3s, crosswords and word searches which are available to download online. 
The titles of the business studies case studies included in this edition 12 eBook are:
  • Market leadership in the 3G market

This case study shows how use of the product life cycle as part of a marketing strategy can lead to market leadership.  

  • Embracing and pursuing change

This case study shows how AEGON has responded to its changing business environment to achieve its goals.  

  • Corporate social responsibility

This case study describes how the work Amway does with UNICEF supports its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.  

  • Social and environmental responsibility

This case study highlights how Anglo American contributes to sustainable development through being socially and environmentally responsible.  

  • Flexible working patterns at the Audit Commission

This case study shows how the Audit Commission has implemented flexible working practices to improve its services and meet the changing needs of its staff.  

  • Standards and quality

This case study shows the importance of quality standards and how BSI supports organisations in achieving them.  

  • Sustainable business at Corus

This case study outlines how Corus contributes to sustainable development and good business practice through its steel recycling initiatives.  

  • The importance of customer service at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

This case study demonstrates the importance that Enterprise Rent-A-Car places on the role of excellent customer service in growing the business.  

  • Entering a new market with a new product

This case study helps students understand the range of choices available to companies for market and product development.  

  • Meeting needs in a competitive sector

This case study outlines how deregulation, organisational structure and planning can support growth of a company.  

  • How HMRC collects tax revenue to support government policy

This case study describes the role of HMRC in managing taxation and how this supports Government financial policies.  

  • Using aims and objectives to create a business strategy

This case study shows how the use of SMART objectives is an essential part of creating a successful business strategy.  

  • Using strategy and planning to measure, monitor and report performance

This case study describes the role of business planning in providing clear direction for an organisation and the importance of Key Performance Indicators as measures of success.  

  • Continuous improvement within an organisation

This case study looks at how use of Kaizen can achieve improved productivity and a culture of continuous improvement.  

  • The business benefits of diversity

This case study describes how Lloyds TSB uses a sexual orientation strategy as part of its diversity programme to deliver improved business benefits.  

  • The role of training and development in career progression

This case study shows how training and development support new business strategies and company values and help a company to cope with change.  

  • How McCain responds to changes in the external environment

This case study highlights how use of a SLEPT analysis helps a company respond to changes in its external environment and remain competitive.  

  • Managing stock to meet customer needs

This case study shows how important effective management of stock is for an organisation in both meeting customer needs and controlling costs.  

  • Developing skills in a large organisation through training and development 

This case study outlines how training and development ensures employees have appropriate skills to meet the current and future needs of the organisation.  

  • Business Principles in action - nutritional labelling

This case study shows how market research has helped Nestlé understand what consumers wanted to know about their products in order to make informed choices, enabling Nestlé to exercise corporate responsibility.  

  • Using PESTEL to design effective strategies

This case study describes how PESTEL analysis helps Network Rail to respond to changes in its business environment.  

  • Critical path analysis at Network Rail

This case study highlights the importance of planning for major projects and how using Critical Path Analysis contributes to efficient and effective use of resources.  

  • Enterprise skills

This case study looks at the work of The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in schools. It focuses the link between NFTE and a range of small businesses set up by students within one school.  

  • How market research helps support the new product development process

This case study describes the stages of market research which contribute to successful new product development and launch.  

  • Managing risk through effective team-based decision making

This case study highlights the skills necessary for creative problem solving and effective decision making at RWE npower.  

  • The business of nuclear decommissioning

This case study shows how a clear mission statement, SMART objectives, strategy and tactics all contribute to a successful planning framework for an organisation.  

  • How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge

This case study helps students understand the importance of market research to successful, customer-led product development.  

  • Motivating through Total Reward

This case study shows motivation theory in action and describes how a company can achieve the highest level of commitment from its employees.  

  • Creating a high performance culture

This case study highlights how committed employees contribute to the growth of an organisation and describes how a high performance culture delivers business benefits.  

  • Using research and development to improve agricultural productivity

This case study looks at the research and development process as part of product development and its importance to environmental sustainability.  

  • Tarmac's functions - working together towards its mission statement

This case study examines how organisational structure and departmental functions all contribute to the achievement of business objectives.  

  • Using effective communication to create direction

This case study helps students understand communication processes and the benefits for an organisation of effective communication.  

  • Using Business Principles to support ethical communication

This case study looks at how ethical Business Principles can overcome the challenges of communicating effectively with employees and external stakeholders.  

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