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ReaConverter introduced Pro 7. 700. It is full version software that allows you to perform numerous actions associated with image files, like conversion and resizing. The interface of the online converter app is simple and intuitive. The framework of the program is based on the layout of Internet Explorer. It is easy to understand how to find & open the images. 

reaConverter is a potent image conversion and editing software that allow editing images in bulk with a single hit. You can even perform batch editing in terms of cropping, rotating, mirroring, as well as adding mirroring, borders,watermarks, special effects (e.g. blur, twist, ripple, etc.), black & white alterations, and eliminating the noise. You can even apply filters like blur or sharpen with a single hit. Visit to learn more or sign in for a free trial. 

The layout is configurable and users can make alterations to the quality, color, compression level, as well as animation delay time with ease. There are extra options like conversion of multipage files to one another, copying the alpha channel of original files, and using the values or original file for determining output color resolution.

You will also be able to enjoy other remarkable features like zoom in or out, image preview, choose transparency color, scheduler, save, and choose the preferred language of the Pro’s interface.

Remarkable and improved features in Pro 7.700

Windows Contact Menu Integration

The latest edition allows managing everything from Windows without the need to open an actual program. Thus the time and effort taken are reduced. Just browse and choose images for conversion right click and choose the conversion format and changes if any. 

Watch folder

Editing plenty of photos is time-consuming and energy-draining for a professional photographer. reaConverter relieves you from repetitive tasks and dull batch editing chores by adding Watch Folders. Your system folders are monitored and specific processing actions are applied to every file dropped in Watch Folder. 

Command-line Image Processing

Advanced users can use this feature available with Pro, to automate processes through scripting. It is a great feature designed for professional image processors. 


Dynamic Link Library feature is available with Pro. It is designed for professional users and developers. It works just like a Command-line interface. It functions through internal program calls and is designed for Windows. 


This user-friendly application runs on multiple system resources, but the reaction time is awesome. Nevertheless, there is an entire Help File provided to assist users. When the software was tested by multiple users there were no glitches like freezing, crashing, or error messages reported. It is a handy application that works with all kinds of images. 

 reaConverter license is available in three editions:

Lite – Free 

Offers basic editing tools and supports 7 formats. Automation is not available.

Standard – $49.99 [one-time]

The program supports 677 read formats including the regular, advanced, digital, rare, and archived. It supports 65 write formats. Users enjoy every feature and editing tool. Automation to watch folders and context menu integration is allowed.

Pro – $99.99 [one-time]

The program supports 677 read formats including the regular, advanced, digital, rare, and archived. It supports 65 write formats. Users enjoy every feature and editing tool. Automation to watch folders, context menu integration, DLL, and Command-line Interface are allowed. 

Upgrade options for reaConverter for increasing productivity

· Lite to Standard – $49.99

· Standard to Pro – $49.99

· Lite to Pro – $99.99

· 50% discount on upgrade from older versions 

Volume licensing

Large corporations can attain discounts on volume licensing. The more the license amount, the lower the charges on Pro and Standard editions. For 500+ licenses the Standard rate is $9.99 and Pro is for $19.99. For 10 to 49 licenses the Standard rate is $39.99 and Pro is for $79.99. 

Server licensing

Large companies can install reaConverter on their server. The pricing is $499 per server. 

ReaSoft Development developed reaConverter Pro with an extensive list of compatible file formats including rare ones. It even includes creative effects and filters. The retouching tools are easy to use. Users will little technical skills can apply for this program with ease!

Go for 15 days trial version that allows 5 files/conversion!