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Growing demand for Microsoft 98 366 certified professionals

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In one of the recent survey published by industry experts shows that in coming days, approximately 80% of IT support roles would require a good foundation of networking concepts. Today, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is considered as one of the most reputed and highly acclaimed entry points into IT certification. In fact, earning a https://www.examsnap.com/98-366-dumps.html can help employers gain all the vital skills in Microsoft Windows networking components and requirements to boost up the career prospectus in networking.

These days, many people are looking forward to following a career in networking technology, but somehow lack the vital introductory knowledge, which is essential to pursue Technology Specialist or Professional certifications. The MTA 98-366 certification provides you with a much-needed entry point and could help you have the practical experience get into the career field.

To acquire this Microsoft Networking Certification, you got to take the Microsoft 98-366 exam. And at the same time, you would also need to have extensive knowledge in concepts of networking and technologies. You need to have some experience working with windows server, networking using windows as well as network protocols. In fact, you must possess a good understanding about routing (Static routing, Dynamic routing, Default routes, etc.), IPv4 configuration and administration, IPv6 configuration and administration, configuring a NAT Firewall, and essential network troubleshooting tools.

The Microsoft 98-366 exam measures your skills and knowledge in networking. It is a practical exam that primarily focuses on the testing of your technical know-how. This exam will test your:

Understanding of network infrastructure

This segment of the paper constitutes about 30-35% of the total questions in the exam. You need to have adequate knowledge in:

  • Understanding in the methods & concepts of the internet, intranet and extranet.You need to be well informed on Virtual Private Network (VPN), firewalls and security zones.
  • Understanding in local area networks (LAN): There will be questions on perimeter networks, addressing, VLANs, wireless LAN and wired LAN.
  • Understanding in wide area networks (WANs): You need to have knowledge in leased lined, dial up, VPN, ISDN, DSL, T1, E1, E3, and cable modem. You need to know their detailed characteristics.
  • Understanding in wireless networking: You need to know the types of wireless networking standards and their characteristics.
  • Understanding in network topologies and its access methods.

Understanding network hardware

This section of the exam constitutes about 20-25% of the questions asked. Your knowledge of the following will be tested;

  • How well do you understand switches

These include transmission speeds, types of ports and numbers, amount of uplinks, VLAN capabilities and many more.

  • How well you understand routers

You need to have an understanding in static routing, directly connected routes, speed considerations, routing protocols, routing table memory and so much more.

  • Your understanding of media types

How well do you understand cable types and their characteristics? This section will have questions on fibre optics, speed, media segment length wireless internet its awareness of external interference and so much more.

Understanding of protocols and services

This segment covers between 45-50% of the questions asked. You need to have as much information in this segment as possible seeing as almost half of the questions cover this area. If you do not, you stand a chance of failing 50% of the exam. Your only chance of getting even half the marks is if you pass all the questions in the other sections.

In this section, you need to have adequate knowledge in:

  • Open systems Interconnection (OSI) model

You need to understand this concept clearly. Included knowledge to know is Transmission control mode, ports and their usage even if they are not for internet use, applications and the OSI/TCP layers they belong to.

  • IPv4

You need adequate knowledge of Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), packets, gateway ports, subnetting, addressing, and IP configuration.

  • IPv6

You also need to understand everything that has to do with IPv6. Know the gateways, why IPv6 is used, compatibility, ports, packets and so much more.

  • Understanding names resolution

You need to assimilate as much knowledge in DNS, Windows Internet, Name service, HOSTS file, LMHOSTS file as well as resource records.

  • Understanding in-network services

Have extensive knowledge in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Network Address Translation (NAT), firewalls, VPN and remote access

  • Understanding TCP/IP

The use of tools such as ping, tracert, Telnet, path ping, IP configuration, reserved address ranges for local use, protocols and many more.

Reasons why the Microsoft 98-366 exam is popular

Prepaway Microsoft certification exam 98-366 is the perfect way to test your ability to solve any networking problems. Almost everyone uses the internet today. Most if not all businesses rely on the internet and this means there is a need for more technical people. Getting this certification increases your chances of being employed in organizations of your choice.

With the increasing demand for internet services, so many telecommunication companies are being set up the world over. They will need to employ many people. If you are certified, this will save them money and time in training you. Given the choice between a certified person and one that is not certified, the choice is pretty obvious.

Getting this certification also enables you to seek promotions at work and grow in your career. If you want to rise in rank, you cannot miss this chance to get your certification. Many people know this and this is why this exam is popular.

Passing the Microsoft 98-366 exam

When preparing for this exam, you can get so much information online. Microsoft has extensive information and reading material to enable you to prepare well for this exam. The 98-366: MTA Networking Fundamentals (Microsoft Official Academic Course) book was quite enlightening. One can use it for most of the information that can help you get a good idea about the subject.

You can also study from the materials based on the topics expected and concurrently do sample questions to test your understanding of all the topics you have covered. With adequate time and study, you can easily pass this exam. Many people think it’s an easy exam to take but it is very easy to fail if you do not study for it.

If you can get as many resource books, then it is always very beneficial and ideally recommended. It gives you a wider scope on the topics tested with more information that may have been missed if you concentrated on one book.

Microsoft 98-366 exam dumps

You can easily get these online. They help give you an idea of how some of the questions are structured. They are helpful as a guide, not as a solution to the expected questions. Studying the questions may inhibit you from understanding the questions in the exam which may be technically the same but asked differently. Expecting the same questions may just be your downfall.

This is a technical exam that seeks technical knowledge and skills. It is not so simple that all you need is to recall the answers you saw in the dump. Dumps are only helpful if you have studied for the exam. It will do you no good studying exam dumps and ignoring the content of the exam.

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