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Reasons Why You Should Engage Your Employees?

Employee engagement is a crucial part of any business that may well determine the success of various business operations. This concept is often misunderstood with some employers splashing the cash to their employees every month in the hope that that will have the employee satisfied. Monthly paychecks keep employees invested for a while but don’t usually hold water in the long run. The current generation of employees has other non-fiduciary factors that are essential to keep them motivated at the workplace. One of such factors includes an appreciation for their work and effort invested in the organization which usually makes them feel valued and engaged. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should engage your employees:

Greater Employee Satisfaction

Lack of employee satisfaction in their jobs implies low or no enthusiasm in undertaking their routine tasks. This may reduce their level of interest in the job thereby hindering innovative thinking to enhance organizations processes. Low employee satisfaction eventually leads to unnecessary drainage of the company’s resources such as time and money. Therefore, it is important to undertake an employee engagement programme to find out the various ways in which you can increase the level of employee engagement to increase their satisfaction and organization effectiveness. 

Higher Employee Retention 

Hiring new employees and onboarding them to the organization’s activities is a rather time-consuming and expensive process that should be minimized to reduce hiring costs. Therefore, it is important to engage your existing employees to ensure they are satisfied and are giving the company their best. This helps you retain top employees while giving them a chance to reach their full potential at the same time thereby benefitting both the organization and clients alike. Besides, this also reduces employee turnover rates thereby making it easier for the organization to streamline its activities with individual employee strengths. 

Increased Profitability

Happy employees usually work harder and consistently produce high-quality output which translates to happy customers. This enhances the growth of the company’s customer base and promotes customer retention due to quality services. Having an engaged team of employees is one of the best investments that an organization can make to ensure that it keeps growing and thriving in its business areas. 

Reduced Employee Absenteeism

Highly engaged employees have been shown to consistently show up for work on a reliable basis and undertake their duties with more dedication. Disengaged employees usually lack a sense of shared responsibility and therefore do not mind not showing up for work every once in a while. However, when employees are engaged, they feel part and parcel of the company and associate themselves directly with the success of the organization which makes them work even harder to ensure it’s achieved. 

Enhanced Employee Loyalty

Ensuring that employees are engaged ensures that they remain loyal to the organization therefore creating volunteer ambassadors in the process. The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is one of the tools that can be used to determine the level of employee loyalty to an organization’s brand so that you can determine how to enhance their engagement. 


Involving employees in the day to day business processes is important for ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, you should adopt the renowned employee engagement programme to enhance your company’s employee engagement to improve its services. 

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