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In the era where a lot of start-ups, even with huge funding from proficient angel-investors, are failing, it is a fresh breeze of air to see a company that started in 2014 to flourish and become and established entity in the ever-competition IT hardware niche. Server Basket started its journey in the year 2014 under the leadership of its founder Mr. Amarendar Donthula in a small office. It grew within a short span of 5 years to become one of the leading online IT hardware sellers in India. Server Basket is now established in a 4000sft office in the prime location of Hyderabad.

Server Basket mainly concentrates on IT hardware for data centers and companies who want to upgrade their IT infrastructure, including powerful servers and other server components. Mr. Amarendar Donthula, with his vision, to introduce a user-friendly and responsive platform, led to the creation of Serverbasket.com. Server Basket is an ecommerce store that has been offering servers, server accessories, and hosting services. One can purchase brand new and refurbished servers, hire servers on rent as per their requirements. Within the last 5 years, the company has grown and expanded rapidly, covering almost all regions of India.

Finding A Problem & Providing Solution:

Just like any good company thinks and thrives on solving problems, Server Basket is no different. In the early stage, Server Basket detected critical issues faced by their target audiences, such as lack of clarity about a product and lack of knowledge about the technical aspect while buying IT hardware and provided a feasible solution to their clients. Server basket not only sells you IT hardware but also makes sure that you do not scratch your brain while installing it. The spree of add-ons provided by them makes their clients wanting more of them and less of their competitors.

On the one hand, while Server basket dealt with IT hardware related issues and solved them successfully, they started venturing into hosting services. The key was to detect a unique problem that was not yet adequately addressed by other hosting providers. The fundamental problems that Server Basket narrowed down to were as follows:

  • High Latency foreign hosting of the server by hosting providers
  • Lack of Security in Home-Based Data Centers in the US and other countries

Server basket started hosting its servers within India for people in India looking to target the Indian population. This way High Latency problem was solved, and data could be accessed more quickly by the end-user, making all happy. For the lack of security issue, Server Basket made sure to host their servers in State-Of-Art Datacenter facility that make sure to keep the data security to the maximum. In addition to that, the Server Basket also installed a physical Firewall to protect the client’s data.

Soon after starting the hosting services, the company received tremendous response from start Ups, SMEs, and enterprises as well. Its client base has gradually increased and became one of the reliable hosting providers in India.

Vision For The Future Of SB:

Mr. Amarendar Donthula aims at providing the same experience that his clients in India have to the Gulf Belt. He has launched Serverbasket.ae in UAE and is now putting his effort into conquering the UAE market as well as providing his services to the neighbouring Gulf countries, including Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Server Basket plans to increase its hold in the UAE IT market and from there to expand in the complete of the Gulf region. This expansion is a part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide customers with better services at budget-friendly prices.

Our Analysis:

What Server Basket has taught us here is to concentrate on a specific niche, solve the problems persisting in that niche, and make your place in the market. That is the very same strategy followed by Server Basket, and it can act as a blueprint for any business that wants to flourish.

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