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Why dedicated servers are ideal for streaming content

Different businesses and individuals present their content differently to the users. A beauty influence, for instance, may share their step-to-step video tutorials with their audience. A business owner who specializes in webinars will stream his or her content to users. If you are a musician, you will want to live-stream your new and old tunes to your subscribers. Dedicated server hosting offers you a powerful way of hosting designed to manage various kinds of streaming needs. This kind of server hosting allows you to control the content you build and how you present it to your audiences.

Unlike external platforms like YouTube, building and hosting your website on dedicated servers gives you freedom over how you share and distribute your content.

Vast amount of Bandwidth

When you host your site on a dedicated server, you enjoy a vast amount of bandwidth. This allows you to stream content without difficulties like lagging time. Bandwidth in dedicated server hosting is allocated by the terabyte – largely depends on the hosting providers you choose.  If you are presenting webinars, videos, or other forms of content, you want to have a hosting service that allows you to have a huge amount of bandwidth. This way, you seamlessly deliver and distribute the content to your users.

Advanced data Storage

Before you can stream audio or video, you need to make that it’s readable from a file on disk. The amount of storage on the server is paramount because it tells you the amount of space you have on hand to store your files. Large applications demand large data storage spaces. This is why providers of dedicated server website hosting are using solid-state drives (SSDs) as well as SATA hard-disk drives (HDDs) for backups.

Again, some dedicated server hosting services not are capable of supporting Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe). This is a modern storage protocol providing faster input/output capabilities and increased data bandwidths. NVMe allows low latency, better performance, and parallelism of SSDs. Your dedicated server will be able to perform more work in a short time meaning you enjoy 2x faster website speeds. This way, your audiences have a great user experience because they can have easy streaming of content. 

Server Control

With dedicated server hosting, you have control over how you can configure and run the servers. You are in an isolated environment where you don’t have to be limited to particular features of the servers. You are able to adjust your hardware specifications so that you meet your content streaming needs. You can even install and run your own OS. Depending on what media server software you may want to use to stream live your content, you have the freedom to do it.

Whether you want to use applications like Red5, Plex, Emby, FFmpeg, or Wowza Streaming Engine, you have the flexibility to utilize them if you host your site on dedicated server hosting platforms.

Server Security

A dedicated server gives you more security for your content. There are not software vulnerabilities or say, harmful configurations that could compromise your data or content. You also build confidence with your users when they find that you host your content in secure server environments. Internet hackers tend to target content streaming and downloading sites.  You don’t want your users or even you to experience data breaches, so you want to take security seriously. Dedicated servers allow you to optimize any features you want for specific content streaming needs from your website or storage of files. Besides, you are responsible for how the features you introduce in your server are implemented.

Streaming allows for continuous transmission of video and audio files from a server to a user. It’s what you do when you listen to a podcast from your iPhone, when you participate in a webinar, or when you watch Netflix. When it comes to streaming, you don’t need to download the files, you watch, listen, and view the content without having to download it. This is something that requires adequate bandwidth and faster speeds or performance of the servers.  Streaming content means you won’t experience lag or latency or poor video quality. You, however, need to seek a reliable and powerful website hosting service to have a successful content streaming experience for you and your users.

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