Creating a high performance culture
A Siemens case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Organisational culture and values The culture of an organisation is the typical way of doing things in the organisation. It particularly relates to behaviour patterns and relationships. The culture of an organisation develops over time. It is created by the people that work for the organisation its managers and workforce. What the organisation stands for (its values) and the dreams that it...
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Page 2: Delivering the human resource development strategy

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Human resource development is all about helping people to fulfil themselves at work. Development is concerned with encouraging employees to identify ways in which they want to improve their careers and other aspects of their working lives. For example, they may want to attend training courses, they may want to do more interesting work, or they may simply want to have a better work/life...
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Page 3: The importance of people in the organisation

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The part of the Siemens' business strategy that relates to people management is referred to as People Excellence. At the heart of People Excellence is the building of a high performance culture. Nothing helps an individual more than to be given responsibility and to know they are trusted. Almost without exception, people management theorists have shown that real motivation comes from within...
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Page 4: Creating a high performance culture

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Siemens' operations are based on a teamwork culture. This emphasis on the team is set out clearly in a quote from the global Chief Executive Officer of Siemens, Klaus Kleinfeld: 'Many times in my life I have seen how one individual can make a big difference, particularly when working in a great team. The quality of our people and of our teams is our most valuable resource, particularly in...
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Page 5: Talent management - managing people

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People Excellence involves developing everybody that works for your organisation not just the high-fliers. Siemens' talent management philosophy involves making sure that every employee is provided with the guidance and support to achieve their full potential. This aids them to do their best, every day.   Everyone works together to achieve the organisation's objectives as well as meeting...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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People really matter. Organisational results stem from high performance. People only perform well when they operate in a culture which nurtures and supports them and helps them to work towards the achievement of their ambitions. Siemens' high performance culture provides the framework and support in which high performance people can show their commitment to a high performance organisation.
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