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Sports betting bonus offers: Here are the best ones to look out for

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Hardly will you find a sports betting site nowadays that doesn’t offer players some form of bonus or cash offer. Talk about welcome bonuses, cash bonuses, free plays, rollovers, etc. Take this Bandar bola sbobet site, for example. There are some mind-blowing bonuses on offer just for signing up.

Unfortunately, not many bettors understand these offers.

As a result, these players gamble without leveraging all the assets available to them.

In this post, we want to change the narrative. Find below the best sports betting bonus offers you’ll likely find on most betting sites.

Signup/Welcome bonus

With thousands of betting sites scattered across the internet, sports betting companies’ competition is so high.

So to entice players, most of these guys offer cash prizes or deposit multipliers as welcome bonuses. For example, a betting site might offer you a 100% welcome deposit bonus just for signing up. This means that if your first deposit is $100, you get another $100, making your total balance $200.

In some cases, the site might offer you cash prizes outright. That is, just for signing up, you might get up to $100 cash bonus or more.

Free play/Free bet

Bettors can get a free play or free bet offer at any point in their betting journey. It could be offered as a signup bonus, a loyalty program offers, or as compensation for a failed bet.

In any case, you should know that a free play or free bet has its limitations.

Free plays work because the bookie allows you to bet freely on an outcome using a predetermined wager. For example, say you bet $200 from your bankroll on a game and lose. The bookie might offer you a $200 free bet. (More like a second chance).

Sounds generous, right? Yes, but not completely. Free bets do come with limitations.

When you take a bookie upon its free play offer and play a free bet, they will return only the profits of your stake to you. That is, say you get a $200 free play and bet on a game of 3.0 odds. If the game wins, you’ll only be credited $400 instead of $600.

Cash bonuses

The major difference between cash bonuses and free plays is that the former returns both the stake amount and the profits.

So, in the example above, if the offer had been a cash bonus, you would have gotten your $600 in full.

Reload bonuses

These are bonuses offered for the replenishment of an account. They can be viewed in the same light as a loyalty reward program.

Reload bonuses are reserved for bettors the bookie feels have been loyal for a while but whose account is currently not in good condition.

As expected, reload bonuses come with certain ‘conditions,’ too. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Betting the bonus amount X number of times
  • Withdrawing winnings from bonus only after a certain amount has been won
  • Betting only on events with a minimum of 2.0 odds.
  • ETC.

Money Back

Money-back is exactly what it sounds like – you get your stake amount back in case of a losing bet. That is, say you stake $100 on a match and lose the bet; the bookie gives you back your money.

Now, you should note that the returned money can be in the form of a free bet or an outright cash bonus.

One area this bonus offer is very common is in accumulator betting. For those who don’t know, accumulator betting refers to a situation where a bettor stakes on multiple events in one bet. For example, staking on up to seven EPL matches in one wagered bet.

In this case, if one or two games cut the bet (that is, you win five games and lose two), the bookie might offer to return your money (stake amount) to you.

Rollover requirements

It should be noted that most bookies won’t offer you straightforward bonuses. There’s always a catch.

This is known as the rollover requirement.

When you accept a bonus offer, it means you also agree to the rollover requirement, which you must meet before withdrawing your winning.

Generally speaking, the most common rollover requirement is the one where the bookie mandates the player to wager the bonus a number of times before the bonus can be withdrawn.

For example, say you deposit $1,000 and receive a 10% free play bonus. Your main balance will reflect $1,000, while your bonus balance will show $100. Now, to withdraw this $100, the site might stipulate a 5X rollover rate. This means that you’ll need to wager $5,500 ($1,100 x 5) before you can withdraw your $100 bonus. 

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