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Statistics. In Which Countries Do People Invest In Crypto Most Often?

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Every year we can observe a significant increase in their number. Digital money attracts the interest of different investors and it is a reliable investment. Cryptocurrency is chosen by large investors and ordinary people. Primarily, the money is invested in the segment of the market, which develops rapidly in order to get the maximum profit.

According to many specialists, the value of cryptocurrency will be constantly increasing. Over the past 10 years, statistics show that even short-term investments are profitable. If a person chooses to invest for the long term, they rarely fail. If everything is done with the right approach, cryptocurrency will definitely bring good profits.

Now more than 100 million people in the world own cryptocurrency. A huge percentage among these people is recorded in Ukraine – more than 5.5 million people. Here people have digital assets, which in 2021 surpassed other countries. The second place in the ranking is occupied by Russia. A few fewer cryptocurrency owners are recorded in Kenya, USA, and Venezuela. 

Every year more and more people are interested in what crypto to invest in the long term. It is worth noting that a cryptocurrency is a speculative tool, which provides an opportunity to invest money of large investors and ordinary citizens ahead of time. In addition, the currency has high volatility.

In digital currency, it makes sense to take risks only when the person is ready to tolerate high fluctuations in the portfolio. In order to engage in this in the long run and get good profits, it is necessary to constantly monitor the digital currency rank.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Without Risk?

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People who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency will always find it useful to know how to do it without risk. The possibility of losing an investment portfolio that is made in cryptocurrency is always present. To reduce the risks of investing, you need to break down your investments into three portfolios:

SafeInvesting only in stable and reliable assets
With insignificant risksYou can choose to invest in stock markets, business and reliable projects.
High-riskHigh-risk speculative investments always have potentially good returns

Experts recommend newcomers invest in cryptocurrency only in a small percentage of their investment portfolio. It is advisable to take big risks with a sum that you can afford to lose in case of failure. In investing, it is always important to have specific goals to understand what you want to achieve in this direction. There are always high fluctuations and volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

Relevance of Cryptocurrency in 2022

Bitcoin will remain relevant in 2022, as it is one of the frequently used cryptocurrencies that you can see here. A significant percentage of Americans have experience using this cryptocurrency. The U.S. has one of the largest numbers of owners of various cryptocurrencies, but it is not only popular in America. Citizens of other countries invest in it.

The digital currency remains unreliable, so many countries strive to make it not an exception, but a type of public payment system. Many citizens like to use cryptocurrency to make various payments that are anonymous.

Cryptocurrency including bitcoin is very popular in 2022 in America and beyond. Many neighbouring continents such as Asia, Africa, and South America more often use cryptocurrency than European countries. In North America and Australia, cryptocurrency is also not that popular.  

If we consider the statistics, in Africa, every or almost every third person has invested in cryptocurrency. In Nigeria, 32% of investors were observed in 2020. By comparison, only 6% of investors were observed in America at that point. Citizens usually used bitcoins.

Now you can invest in crypto with PayPal, so the popularity of bitcoin is only growing. If we consider Nigeria, the trend is very clear – one of the most influential factors in investing in cryptocurrency is poverty, which affects about half of the population. Cryptocurrency has a significant advantage among the local population because transactions are cheap. Another significant reason is that Nigerians send money by phone most of the time. The risk of inflation in relation to bitcoin is insignificant, that is why Africans choose it.

In Which Countries do People Invest in Cryptocurrency?

In Nigeria, cryptocurrency has long been one of the most common ways to invest. In East Asia, the figures are also quite high, as well as in Latin America. The list shows the countries where citizens prefer to invest in cryptocurrency:

  • Nigeria;
  • Vietnam;
  • Philippines;
  • Turkey;
  • Peru;
  • Switzerland;
  • India;
  • Ukraine;
  • China;
  • USA;
  • Germany;
  • Japan.

Bitcoin remains one of the most popular types of cryptocurrency. It is the first and major digital coin that has grown 113% according to statistics for 2021 since its existence. For investors, this is a very good figure. 

Dogecoin also stays popular, as do Altcoins. In America, it is used most often. In 2020, bitcoin in the U.S. was sold for almost $1.5 billion. A little less investment was observed in Russia, where citizens invested $400 million in cryptocurrency. Then, Nigeria and countries in Europe can be seen in the list.

Blockchain technology is popular because it is reliable and allows users to make anonymous payments. It cannot be changed or deleted. A huge number of companies choose cryptocurrency for transactions and large payments.

Cryptocurrency in Gambling

Gaming crypto to invest in 2022 remains relevant. Bitcoin casino is popular, as gambling becomes available in banned countries. It is impossible to trace transactions on the gaming platform, they are anonymous. Cryptocurrency online casinos appear more and more often in gambling.

All over the world gamblers choose such casinos, as they have many advantages:

  • security of payments;
  • anonymity;
  • license;
  • transparency.

Online casinos are based on blockchain technology and have strong encryption, so it is safe to play for real money in them. Users can easily deposit in the available cryptocurrency and withdraw funds in digital currency. Gambling is one of the 10 best cryptos to invest in 2022. 

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