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Stay on Top of the Best Creative Pre-Wedding Photos

Wedding is a great opportunity for the photographer to innovate in his images and proposals. Creative pre-wedding photos are a hit in this market and are widely used by wedding photographers to demonstrate their creativity and add value to their work. But, do you know what they mean?

The pre-wedding is a rehearsal done shortly before the big day, about two months, in the final stage of preparations. These photographs can be used in decorating the wedding environment, in souvenirs, or even to complement the work, turning into a special album that helps illustrate this magical phase of people’s lives.

The wedding photographers in London make the rehearsal as a moment of great relaxation for the bride and groom and the best way to show guests which places and references the couple likes most. Continue reading and learn how to make the most creative photographs of that moment.

How to make creative pre-wedding photos

Bet on Street Art

Urban scenes filled with art are everywhere. Using them, in addition to valuing the work of professionals, still makes beautiful and creative images. The walls scattered throughout the cities bring colors and messages that can go well with the bride and groom. Escape the couple selfies and appreciate every moment during creative pre-wedding photos.

It is always nice to emphasize that the study of colors and styles is essential in this style of capture. Look for references on color combinations and always make sure they match each other. Another concern should be the style of the graphic material proposed on the walls, ideally consult clients to find out if they are of your taste or not.

Invest in the right accessories

There are countless photography accessories and you can do a beautiful job if you know how to use creativity in partnership with them. Know the couple’s story and use these elements to compose the scenario. A common idea is to relate objects to clients’ professions, for example. If the place where you are going to photograph has different types of natural environments, bet on the following accessories:

  • White-Balancing Tools
  • Replacement Camera Straps
  • Memory-Card Wallets
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Camera Bag
  • Tripod
  • Filters
  • Memory Card Reader
  • Collapsible Reflector
  • External Hard/Solid State Drive

Try not to be so prejudiced when it comes to accessories. Remember that that sign or plaque can even be handled for you, but the couple thinks this is all the best. This is probably the first time they have married and it is not up to you to judge what is legal or not. Always bet on the positive experience and use, even in a few images, the accessories proposed by your customers. They will feel great.

In addition, if possible, take creative pre-wedding photos using a fisheye lens, a super tele or even a drone, for example, in order to develop different points of view of your work. Here it is nice to make it clear that you do not necessarily need to buy the equipment, because the idea is to present a different photo and that you would not normally deliver in your work. One image alone is enough to show that you have one more concern and tried to reinvent yourself.

Make Light Painting

You probably know Light Painting. Have you ever thought about using a steel sponge with fire to create incredible lights for your photographs? So try it, but don’t burn the couple!

Remember that it is possible to use this same technique with Christmas lights, lanterns, lamps, candles, in short, any light source can be used in the game and thus, design cool things about the couple or the background. This procedure can also be done on wedding day photographs, for example (here I do not recommend steel wool). Let creativity take over and involve the couple in those moments, in order to increase their identification with the rehearsal and make it more fun. Understand that more than beautiful pictures people want to have great and memorable experiences. Adults want to play and you can provide it for them.

Enjoy the rain

Photographs in the rain give a very romantic air, especially when these images are taken. So, enjoy a rainy day and take creative pre-wedding photos of your customers. If it is not a rainy season, you can innovate by creating scenarios that resemble rain using a hose, for example. The intention is always to be creative with the accessories available.

Always remember to use lighting to maximize the effect of rain (or equivalent) on your image. Lights “against” the subject, or even at an angle, are very cool to illuminate the water and leave the environment with an even more “wet” face.

Risk different angles

Creative pre-wedding photos help the photographer to create a good photography portfolio. For this reason, it is necessary to innovate also in the angles, so that the images are not all the same. As you are in charge of the whole situation, the expectation about your work is great and you cannot disappoint your clients.

Bet on photographs taken from above, for example. Get on a bench or ladder and let creativity take you. To innovate in the poses, it is important that the couple is very comfortable, so start with the traditional ones and dare little by little, according to their receptivity and comfort.

It is always worth remembering that you should pay close attention to funds! Try to look furtively over the shoulders of couples in order to perceive the elements that make up the images as a whole. Remember that the bottom can destroy a good angle and as a result, attention must be paid to it.

In addition, to make differentiated rehearsals, it is possible to create them together with the groomsmen, at a dinner before the wedding or at the place chosen for the event, for example. Another moment that also yields good and exciting images is the last test of the dress. Some brides like to take their mother to participate in this day, which ends up being very exciting and serves as training for the brides to know how to behave at the wedding. Think that by following these moments you can witness unique situations and recording them is your obligation.

To let creativity take over your work, it is essential that you are always aware of trends. So, see reference sites, follow other photographers and improve the best ideas according to the language.

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