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How to Plan a Cost-Effective Wedding

Did you know that the average cost for a wedding in the United Kingdom is about £20,493

For that amount, you could buy yourself a car. You can get a Skoda Octavia for about £21,700, a VW Golf for about £20,280, or a Mazda 3 for about £21,720. You could use the amount for the average wedding as a downpayment on your new marital home.

A lot of people dream of having a fairytale wedding. While there’s nothing wrong with making your big day as special and memorable as possible, remember that there’s life after the wedding. If you’d like to marry your life partner but want to contain costs, there are things you can do. You don’t have to jeopardize the overall experience simply because you set a modest budget. 

Here’s a look at some things to keep in mind if you want to plan a cost-effective wedding.

Set a Budget

The most important step if you want to plan an affordable wedding is to set a budget. You and your partner will want to be on the same page. Figure out a reasonable budget and stick to it. Knowing what’s a must-have and what’s a nice-to-have is critical.

Limit Your Invite List

If you want to keep costs low, you’ll need to limit your guest list. It costs a lot to feed a big group of people. So, sit down with your partner and figure out a guest list. Consider that a smaller group means you’ll need a smaller banquet hall. Invite all your friends and family to attend the ceremony in a church. But you’ll want to have a smaller group of people for the reception.

Get People to Volunteer

Do you know someone who’s handy with a camera? Does your significant other have family members who can play the piano or the violin? Do you know people who have rural properties that might make a great place for an outdoor wedding? Call in some favours. Having to hire professionals for everything will cost you. So, see if you can find people to volunteer.

Choose the Right Venue

As was mentioned above, you can save money if you choose the right venue. If you’re a member of a church, you might get to use the sanctuary area and the dining area for free or for a minimal cost. Another option is to get married at the courthouse to eliminate the need for a wedding venue altogether.

Get a Reasonably Priced Engagement Ring

Rings can be pricey. You’ll need an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The gold standard for engagements is a diamond ring–and lab created diamond engagement rings are the answer. A lab created diamond is a real diamond. It’s just that the process to create it is done in a lab rather than under the earth. 

Why’s this important to you? You can get a lab made diamond engagement ring for less than it will cost to get a mined diamond engagement ring. After getting the engagement ring, you can follow that up by getting the wedding ring. 

Shop at Thrift Shops

If you need an outfit that you might only wear once, why not check out some thrift shops around and about town? It’s not uncommon to see a selection of wedding gowns and suits. 

Follow these suggestions if your goal is to plan an affordable wedding. Don’t forget that there’s a lot of life left after the wedding, reception, and honeymoon. Spending too much on what amounts to a single day could set you back tens of thousands of pounds. 

So, if you don’t have that kind of money, set a modest budget and plan a lovely, memorable, affordable wedding.

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