Tag: Business Expansion

Business expansion

Businessexpansion presents potential benefits and drawbacks, some owners even unwilling to take the risk of growing a business, instead deciding to stay small. It’s never certain that expansion plans will be successful and...

Building a global telecommunications business

Introduction The twentieth century will be looked back on as the period when telecommunications revolutionised people’s daily lives - from the first telephone call and short wave radio transmission, to the modern era...

Building a joint venture in an emerging market

Introduction Burmah Castrol is a leading international marketer of specialised lubricant and chemical products and services. With operations in over 50 countries, Burmah Castrol employs some 20,000 people world-wide. Burmah Castrol’s organisation is based...

Facebook plumps for oculus

Facebook are in the news again with another mind-bogglingly big purchase. The company have announced that they will buy Oculus VR, a Californian based company who specialises in virtual reality technology, an...
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