Developing a Human Resource strategy
A Tarmac case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Tarmac was established in 1903 and is the UK's leading supplier of building materials and aggregates to the building industry. Tarmac is most often associated with constructing roads or major building projects such as the new Heathrow terminal and Wembley Stadium. However, materials derived from quarrying are used within many different sectors, including manufacturing light bulbs, chewing gum...
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Page 2: Human Resource Management

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A key element of Human Resource Management is to identify what level of human resources the business needs. This includes the skills and knowledge that will be required by the organisation both now and in the future. This is an integrated process as it involves looking at every area within an organisation. Tarmac constantly reviews all of its human resource needs. For Tarmac, Human Resource...
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Page 3: Workforce planning

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Workforce planning involves a continual review of human assets and the business” organisational structure. The process identifies the skills and knowledge required at the present time. It also estimates what Tarmac needs to have in place to respond to future challenges in its market place. At Tarmac, like most other businesses, human resource needs are constantly changing: Sometimes...
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Page 4: Getting the right people

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The starting point of the workforce planning process is to identify employment needs for the future. At the heart of this are the processes of attraction, recruitment and selection. Tarmac needs to manage these processes effectively in order to ensure it gets high quality candidates for posts. Recruitment is a costly process and so Tarmac uses a structured approach to ensure that the right...
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Page 5: Building skills and capabilities

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At Tarmac, each individual has a personal development plan. This enables employees to identify the skills or knowledge they want to develop to improve their capability and efficiency. As a key part of the process of workforce planning, this helps Tarmac and individual employees to set targets for the future. Personal development The process of personal development helps employees to achieve...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Human Resource Management focuses on matching the needs of the business with the needs and development of employees. Tarmac depends on its people because their skills contribute to achieving its business objectives. Within Tarmac, every employee has a valuable role to play.  The emphasis is on helping individuals to work together. Workforce planning is part of this strategic process, which...
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