To hire a personal tax accountant, you do not have to be super rich. Sometimes you might find it difficult understanding how to prepare for your taxes. It may be confusing, or you may have trouble filing back taxes or you might be facing audit. You will not find it difficult if you know how to find the right professional for the job. However, you need to make sure you have the right person for your requirement. Because if you don’t you might end up losing huge of money and time.

Tips to hire a Personal Tax Accountant

  • Places to look for a Tax Accountant: Some lawyers deal with all tax related issues while some specialize in particular segments.Youmight have various issues or query related to filing a tax or you might face an audit. Suppose if you have a query on tax savings you really do not need an expert dealing with audit cases. However, you would not like to hire a professional who has never handle an audit case to handle your audit related query. Explain the firm why you would like to hire an East London accountant. Specify your needs and be very clear on what you want from them as a tax professional.
  • Red Flags:  You cannot trust everyone in this world. Make sure that you remember this phrase. Be aware of accountants who guarantee you great refunds in the beginning even before they have checked your tax file. You should also be wary of tax professionals who tell you to deduct most of your higher expenses before discussing the tax case with you. Note that the accountants cannot legally charge you any fees before you receive the tax identification number (PTIN) from IRS. Make sure while filing the tax that the PTIN is entered on all documents. However, if you think that the services which you are receiving are not up to the mark you can always back out from the firm if necessary. If you think that the tax deadline is nearby you can request for an extension by submitting the IRS FORM 4864.
  • Retail Franchises: There are many reputable accountancy firms who provide you with personal accountants according to your budget and requirement. They look into the tax file for you and make sure that you have the right professional to deal with your tax query.
  • Enrolled Agents: You can even opt for the Enrolled Agents. These professionals are the elite. They pass difficult tests and have their background checked by the IRS. They generally specialize in certain tax areas. However, these people are really good at solving tax related issues even the complex ones. They can surely take care of your audit or collection cases.
  • Certified Public Accountant/Tax Attorneys: CPA’s are licensed professionals with degrees in accountancy. They generally deal with audit and collection cases. Tax attorneys specialize in Tax law. They deal with complex tax return case.
  • Check Before You Hire: Interview the person you are hiring. Talk to them about your requirements.