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The Invisible HD Camera is the latest innovation in Spy communication equipment. You can communicate now visually as well in addition to convert undetectable voice communication. High-quality pictures can be now sent to your colleagues on their e-mail address or on their smartphones.

The high-quality pictures allow your colleagues or others see exactly what you can see, clear pictures thanks to the auto-focusing high-definition camera that gives even extreme close-ups. You should know that you do not require an additional mobile phone to function. You can call your friends or colleagues or you can let them call you. The best Call-quality is given by the latest 3G technology. Plus, this technology makes sure that pictures are delivered fast.

The Built-in MP3 Player allows you to transfer easily your recorded transcripts or other audio materials to the device and when you need them, to play them back. The skipping support navigation through audio files has never been easier thanks to full Play/Pause Support, Rewinding/Fast-Forwarding. When the innovative user interface is making a call, sending a picture or answering an incoming call, all is as easy as pressing a button. The Voice-Guide allows you to relax and focus on the task at and, you don’t have to worry about how to operate the device.

But how does it works? It is all so simple and very easy to use, in just 6 steps.

First Step. Power on the Invisible HD Camera Device then connect it to the computer, find more at examedevices.com

Second Step. You have to use the included Easy-to-use configuration Wizard so that you can configure your device.

Third Step. You have to transfer your recorded audio MP3 files to the device,

Fourth Step. You have to hide the device in your pocket or in other places. Place the microphone and the navigation buttons under yoursleeve or your shirt, and than attach them with the included velcro straps.

Fifth Step. You have to put the HD Camera under the sleeve or any other appropiate area so you can’t get caught and to feel comfortable with, then you should insert the invisible wireless earpieces in the ears.

Sixth Step. You can take pictures and send them to your friend, call him or listen to a recorded speech, and no one will know.

You can now send pictures, Playback MP 3’s and talk to your partner without anybody knowing. The Invisible HD Camera does not need a smartphone to make calls or send pictures, it contains a built-in 3G/UMTS world-wide mobile. It’able to playback without problems any recorded Mp3 Files, so the user can listen to his transcripts easily or other recorded materials. While talking with his friends, the user can use the Signal Button so that he can send secret signals without anyone knowing something. In order to start a secret communication you just have to put the earpiece inside the ear, turn on the device and star communicating, start sending pictures. This earpiece allows you to hear everything that your partner is saying. And it’s absolutely undetectable and invisible to others.

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