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The differences in betting on a team or individual sports

A few dozens of sports disciplines are offered on the line of any modern bookmaker company: from the highly-popular football and tennis to exotical floorball and chess. Sports can be classified in a few specifications but the main classification divides all disciplines into team and individual ones. Approaches to predictions of one and another are significantly different.

Features of bets on team sports

We talk about team sports when we mean the clash of clubs or national teams but not particular sportsmen. The following disciplines are traditionally related to team ones:

  • football (including Australian and American);
  • all kinds of hockey (with a puck, a ball, on grass);
  • basketball;
  • handball;
  • volleyball (including beach);
  • water polo;
  • rugby and others.

The main feature of team sports is that the result depends on a few sportsmen at the same time. Both team factors (a team’s general shape, a level of synergy) and individual factors (physical and psychological conditions of players, injuries, disqualifications) may influence the rest of the match at the same time.

On the one hand, betting on team games is more comfortable. For example, when all substitutions are made in a football match and a key player of the team gets hurt, the rest 10 players can finish the match with the necessary result after all. At the same time, a sending off of an important performer will definitely lead to the fact that his team’s chances to succeed will be reduced in times.

Features of bets on individual sports

The following disciplines can be related to individual sports:

  • tennis (single);
  • badminton (single);
  • table tennis (single);
  • figure skating;
  • athletics;
  • biathlon;
  • equestrian sport;
  • car and bike racing.

The feature of individual sports is that the result depends on the two sportsmen. The majority of bookmaker companies don’t return bets if one of the opponents pulls out of the second set in a tennis match. In this case, the calculation of bets is made in the way as if the winner has won all six games in the second set. In other words, there is no right to make a mistake in individual sports and individual mistakes or injuries can’t be compensated with a team play.

It can be said that individual sports are a bit easier to predict and predictions are more accurate as a result. Analyzing a tennis match, you have to consider the following factors: recent injuries, a current shape, tournament standings and motivation, a game on a particular surface, history of personal matches. This doesn’t mean that tennis is easier to work with than football but it will take less time to analyze matches of two sportsmen than to prepare a quality prediction on any team sports.

Esports – a separate kind of art

Increasingly popular bets on esports events are highly discussed as esports itself. It doesn’t require strong muscles and big endurance but is significantly different from traditional intellectual sports like chess, checkers, and bridge. Now, bookmakers provide bets on Counter-Strike, League of Legends, FIFA, World of Tanks, Dota 2 and other popular video games.

Making bets on esports, you should consider the following nuances:

  • transfers – rosters change from time to time in esports teams too;
  • synergy – in the majority of esports disciplines, a result of the match depends on how well players play together;
  • qualification of teams and sportsmen – there are a lot of ratings;
  • current shape and team motivation – it is important to consider the status of the tournament, integrity of the rivalry and others;
  • personal matches – all top esportsmen have uncomfortable opponents who create a lot of problems even being an underdog.

Of course, if you want to make a good prediction in esports, you have to be experienced in it. If you don’t know how many players are in a Dota team – refuse from bets on such matches, don’t remember the difference between a tank and SPA – don’t bet on World of Tanks. Ideally, it would be good to have some experience in esports. Even if you play on an amateur level, it will significantly increase chances to make a bet with a high level of success.

Whether sports you choose to bet on – team, individual or with the prefix «e» – the success of playing against a bookmaker will depend on three key factors: a choice of the best bookmaker for bets, an accurate and full analysis of statistics, following the principles of the chosen betting strategy and a bank management methodology.

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