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4 Best basketball betting advice for beginners

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of passionate fans watch many leagues all across the globe and the international competitions sanctioned by the sports world governing body, FIBA. If you’re a hardcore basketball fan, then you might be aware that aside from its following, many people and fans like yourself also gamble on the sport.

The basketball betting scene is quite competitive, particularly in the top caliber leagues such as the NBA. Many online gambling operators have sportsbooks that feature competitive basketball leagues in different countries and they are all available for placing a variety of wagers. Dare I say, the betting can be just as exciting as the games itself.

If you’d like to get into betting on the best basketball player, you’ll need sound fundamentals to build an effective strategy, kind of like the sport itself. This shouldn’t be something that you overlook, because you have to keep in mind that your money is involved. Before you place wagers on the next game you watch, here are 5 best basketball betting advice for beginners.

1.  Do not over-complicate things

For some reason, many sports bettors tend to use the most complicated of bets to win more money. This is not advisable at all, particularly for beginners like yourself. You might end up losing more money if you go that route.

Know that the odds for every bet are set according to the likelihood that the sportsbook thinks they’ll happen. The best basketball bettors use the simplest of bets available out there, which is part of the reason why they win more than others. There’s no need for you to make complicated bets when there’s value in the simplest ones.

2.  Don’t let the betting public control your decisions

Do not, under any circumstances, let the opinion of other bettors and basketball “experts” influence your betting decisions. By betting public, I mean anyone that has an opinion about the sport. I’m not saying that you should totally ignore their opinions, you can still use the information that you get from them in making your picks and predictions.

Keep in mind that in the end, your decision is the only thing that matters. Plus if you’re an online bettor, top sites like PNXBET also provide information about the games and their sportsbook that should be helpful in making your picks.

3.  Bet what you know

Speaking of information, you should always count on your knowledge about the game, the league, the teams, and players, when betting. For instance, if you’re a Los Angeles Clippers fan and you know everything about the team but don’t know a lot about the other teams, then you wouldn’t bet on games that the Clippers aren’t on right? It only makes sense that you’ll rely on your favorite team and your knowledge about them. Stick to what you know if you want to make some money.

4.  Keep an eye on your betting slip

Not doing this can be the costliest mistake you can ever make in sports betting. This mistake commonly happens in a land-based betting place. This is why most people bet online nowadays. You’re the one who keys in your bet and you’re also the one that will review them right away if they’re correct.


Now that you’re aware of these pieces of advice, you can take them with you and form a solid strategy if you want to be good at basketball betting. Enjoy the games and have fun placing wagers.

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