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The Importance of Using Statistics to Develop Your Business

Statistics to Develop Your Business
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One thing that all business owners want is growth. They’ve put a lot of time and effort into their venture and, naturally, they want it to be successful. However, there’s no hard-and-fast way of ensuring a business will take off and make money. Looking at statistics can improve the chances of this happening.

Why Are Statistics Important?

Statistics are very important for business owners because they let them know what consumers are like. Understanding consumers and what they want and don’t want is key. If you’re a business owner, you should have two core, ongoing aims. The first is to know what consumers are looking for; the second is to give them what they’re after.

Using statistics gives you an idea of what consumer behaviour has been like in the past and what it’s like in today’s climate. It also enables you to spot and forecast trends. If you notice a gap of some kind in the market, this is your opportunity as a business owner to fill that gap.

Whether you’re taking charge of a large business or you’re starting a venture with little or no money, it’s important you use statistics to some degree. If you’re aware of consumer habits, you can adapt your business and tailor it to meet current demands.

As a business owner, you have to be aware of what people need right now. You also have to keep an eye on things so that your business can adapt if need be. If what you’re currently selling ends up not being in demand next year, what would you do? By using statistics, you can get an idea of what’s going to be selling next year so you can make preparations accordingly.

What Sort of Statistics Should Businesses Look At?

There are two types of statistics you should be looking at as a business owner. The first is facts and data to do with the wider consumer market. In other words, you’re looking at the history and current trends of consumers and how they’ve interacted with other businesses. You should use these statistics when putting together your business so it can respond to consumer demands from day one. Continue to keep an eye on them as your business progresses so you can tailor your offerings to suit people’s needs.

The second type is your business’s own statistics. Once your venture is up and running, it’s a good idea to collect data from your customers and use this to drive things forward. When you know what demographics, your customers mostly represent, you can respond by focusing your marketing on these groups of people. Many companies use data to tailor their offerings for each individual customer. Netflix, for example, tries to increase customer satisfaction by tracking your viewing habits and making personalised recommendations.

For the first type of statistic, do some online research to learn more about the area your business is in. If you want to use the second type, which you should, you’ll have to gather the data using your own techniques and analyse them yourself.

Using Odds to Help Your Business

When researching statistics, you may come across the concept of odds. These are primarily used in betting to show punters how much they stand to win or lose on a bet. The term ‘implied probability refers to the chances of something happening that the odds imply. For example, if something has odds of 3/1, you could infer it has a 75% chance of happening and a 25% chance of not happening. Use implied probability in business strategy to calculate the chance of certain events happening, which you can then use to inform business decisions. Odds are just one kind of statistic that can help your business grow and thrive. They are also a fundamental idea in sports betting, and the site explains how they can be helpful when wagering on game lines, futures, propositions, or even live betting markets.


Statistics can be incredibly useful to businesses of all sizes. No matter what stage your business is at, be sure to use statistics to give your venture the best chance of doing well.

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