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Models on how to grow your business

Growing a business is necessary for its survival in today’s competitive business environment. This, however, takes considerable time and effort, and doesn’t happen overnight. For you to achieve successful business growth, you’ll need a scalable business model that will achieve a positive cash-flow over-time, by increasing revenue while minimising business costs. There are hundreds of business growth strategies to help catapult your business to success. Here are a few of them to get you started:

Diversify Your Products and/or Services

Consumers like selecting the most suitable products or services for themselves from a wide variety of options. Therefore, rather than just having 2 or 3 choices, consider diversifying your offers. Start by looking into complementary products/services/information that you can offer to your already established market. Then, find out where you can add value in the transaction. This strategy ensures all your current customers’ needs are met, and the new offerings will attract new customers as well.

Broaden the Availability of Your Products

This strategy involves widening the availability of your existing products to reach more customers. This can be done by opening stores in new locations like in a new city, province, or country. New locations can also be virtual. The internet has made it possible for consumers to enjoy the convenience of doing business online. E-commerce stores like Xlmoto have been able to reach a much broader target market, turning it into a large corporation over the years. Before you open a new store, be sure to do extensive market research to ensure there’s sufficient demand for your products/services. In addition, you can extend your market reach through advertising. For instance, if your new market is made up of a younger demographic, consider advertising via social media.

Consider a Franchise Model

Franchising is a proven route to rapid growth. If you have a successful business with a profitable operation that can easily be duplicated by others, consider franchising it. Franchising your business can lead to increased brand awareness and the acquisition of new customers to your brand, all while minimising growth risks. Small businesses, on the other hand, should consider buying a franchise. This comes with name recognition, not to mention the franchiser provides training, proven marketing strategies, ongoing support, and much more.


International expansion is another quick way to grow your business. Exporting gives you access to more customers and business opportunities. It also lowers the risk of market fluctuations in the local economy. This strategy requires a huge commitment of time and resources, but the potential for profits could be massive.

Focus On Your Customer Experience

Sometimes growing your business is as simple as satisfying the needs of your customers. Your customers’ perception can either make or break your business. Offer quality products and a stellar customer service, and your customers will be singing your praises on to their friends, family, and on social media. But if you mess that up, they’ll tell the world even faster. Happy customers offer free and favourable word-of-mouth advertising, which is key to growing your business fast.

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