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The Latest Updates From The World Of Crypto Patents

The World Of Crypto Patents
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Are you trading in Crypto coins? Or do you want to start automated trading in crypto? It is possible for beginners to feel a bit intimidated because of the mixed information that is accessible. However, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more crypto coins gaining mainstream acceptance, it is time to understand them and use them to make a profit. 

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that is also touted to be the currency of the future. All transactions are maintained in a public ledger like a blockchain. 

Why Patent?

Though the markets are volatile, the speculation in cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high. Patents for blockchains (1) and other crypto-related technologies are being filed in large numbers. It includes diverse entities ranging from major players like Microsoft to small players in universities and even individual inventors. This kind of rush for patents legitimizes the underlying technologies that were mostly looked at with suspicion. The patent rush also increases public awareness and makes them more open to cryptocurrencies. 

How Do The Patents Work?

Like the other patents, blockchain patents give the owner an exclusive right. These are issued by an official authority like a governmental organization or state. The assignee’s inventor gets the exclusive rights in return for placing the details in the public domain. Collaboration is the basis of any blockchain activity and innovation. So, a blockchain patent embodies the value of trust. For these patents to work well, the information technology infrastructures must keep up with blockchains’ fast-moving world. 

Quickly Evolving

Cryptocurrencies have achieved global importance in recent years. Trading platforms like BitQT App are already very popular. Patent applications related to blockchain technology are rising rapidly everywhere. Like the Chinese government and many big corporations, many governments are trying their best to remain ahead in the patent race. Some of the leading players in the patent race are Alibaba (2), Tencent, Microsoft, Bank of America, etc. However, a thorough review shows that the blockchain patents are being filed worldwide in all types of sectors, financial, non-financial, and other generic sectors. 

Future Of Patents

As the blockchains grow and innovations are introduced, filing for patents is going to increase. This, in turn, increases the chances of both patent filing as well as patent lawsuits. It is quite easy to see why big, well-established companies want to file patents in this field. The future is bright, especially for early patent holders. 


At the end of the day, like any other new technology, the future of cryptocurrencies is also a bit speculative. They have the potential to change the business world as well as everyday life. The race for filing and owning patents is on and will continue to remain competitive. On the other hand, this race is also proof that the industry and different governments have a lot of faith in the cryptocurrency story. You should start slow and follow the three A’s – Awareness, Adoption, and Acceptance. 

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