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Top 5 Places to Exchange Crypto Anonymously

KYC and AML rules are meant to prevent the inflow of illegal funds into the legal monetary system. Yet, overregulation conflicts with the main values of blockchain technology – freedom and anonymity. The cryptocurrency community sees this as a direct threat to fundamental principles.

Some platforms abuse KYC/AML rules, up to a long freeze of users’ funds. Users of the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange faced such unpleasant situations.

The good thing about KYC/AML is that it definitely increases the trust in cryptocurrency both among the general public and at the institutional level. The procedure also plays a big role in protecting against financial theft. For example, a suspicious transaction can be suspended until the customer is identified.

Which side to take is up to you. We are going to provide a list of anonymous exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies. On these sites, you can manage your funds without providing confidential information.


Livecoin is one of the rare cryptocurrency exchanges which don’t require verification at all, even despite the support of fiat. Such a function existed before, but only at will and only to help account recovery in case of loss of access. Later it was completely removed. Any user can withdraw cryptocurrencies and fiat money to electronic wallets and bank cards without providing personal information.


There is no verification on the Bitmex futures exchange. The user only needs to come up with a nickname, a password, and confirm an email. Then fund your account and start completely anonymous trading in cryptocurrency derivatives. There are no restrictions on trading volumes or withdrawals. The only thing is that in some cases the administration can ask the user to confirm one’s identity. But this happens extremely rarely.


You can trade anonymously on the CREX24 exchange, provided that you don’t intend to fund your account with fiat funds. There are no trading or withdrawal limits for unverified clients.

The identity verification process is a standard KYC procedure. You need to provide photographs or scans of documents, selfies with an identity card, proof of residential address.

If you want to use a bank card, it should be verified separately. All this is rather confusing and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are payment methods that are available completely anonymously.


 Godex decentralized platform is the most famous anonymous exchange on the market. Here you can exchange almost all popular cryptocurrencies at the most favorable rate. You don’t need to pass the registration procedure for full-fledged work. That is, the conversion of cryptocurrencies is entirely anonymous.

The platform does not charge any hidden fees or extra commissions. You will see the exact numbers even before submitting your application. There are no upper exchange limits, so Godex is ideal for big players.

The interface of the platform is simple so even a complete beginner in the crypto market can understand it without problems.


It is a p2p platform for trading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. The account verification mark only serves to inspire more trust in other users. Unverified accounts are not subject to any restrictions or limits on trading, depositing, withdrawing. To confirm your identity, send a photo of your identity document to Bitpapa’s e-mail, as well as a selfie with an opened document.


Many jurisdictions, including the USA, Russia, Europe, Australia, have KYC (Know Your Customer)/AML (Anti-Money Laundering). If you don’t want to share your private information, check out our list of anonymous platforms. You can work without confirming your identity, either fully or with partially limited functionality.

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