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The most effective ways to promote your music on various social media sites

Becoming a music sensation is something that can happen to anyone because of the many social media websites. It’s easier to build a following and get discovered for your talent because millions of others are using these social sites. However, you will need to know how to properly promote your music to get more people to learn about you and listen to your songs.

Get the Fans Involved

If you’re trying to promote new music, do what you can to get the fans a bit more involved. For example, you could ask your fans to send in submissions of them singing along to your tracks or creating their own artwork that goes along with the story you’re telling in one of your songs. When you get the fans more involved with the music on a more personal level, they’re going to want to pay more attention to you while sharing your music with others. It shows that you love your fans and appreciate the support enough to include them in videos and acknowledge them on social media sites and is pivotal in your Spotify promotion efforts.

Speak Properly and Show Your Enthusiasm

When announcing the release of a new single, make sure you’re typing properly and adding some enthusiasm to the text. Unfortunately, a lot of music artists who are just getting started and are relatively new to the business lack enthusiasm, are too enthusiastic, or aren’t spelling some of the words properly when writing out a few details about their music. It’s not a good look, so do what you can to avoid those mistakes.

The best way to discuss a new single or announcement that relates to your music is to write genuinely in a way that you’d write to a loved one, such as your mother, significant other, or even your best friend. Speak to your fans like you know them and want to share something exciting with them. Ask for them to provide feedback after taking the time to listen to your music because then you’ll find out if the fans are digging the music or not.

Give Fans a Reason to Download

Offering some sort of an incentive is a simple and effective way to get more people to listen to your music. You may want to give the first 100-200 fans a chance to download your new single for free instead of paying for it. Those fans could provide comments and feedback on the song, letting you know what they liked or didn’t like about it.

You could even encourage people to do covers of your songs or remixes of them. Let them know you’ll share their videos or remixes to your followers. You might even want to plan out some sort of competition where you’ll select a handful of winners who’ve created the best covers or remixes. Some people will take advantage of this opportunity if you have a lot of followers and they’re trying to get even more exposure for themselves.

Know When to Post

Always share information about your music and keep fans updated, but don’t go crazy with constant posts because it’s going to get annoying. No one needs to see the same video, or even the same exact post repeatedly shared on your own social media sites several times a day. It could cause you to lose some of your followers.

You’ll need to remain active on the social media sites, but that doesn’t mean you should bombard people with tons of posts. In fact, you should get into a routine that is simple and effective enough for you. It’s a good idea to post to Facebook once a day while posting on Twitter up to four times a day. If you’re using Instagram, stick with posting an image once a week because it’s still important to keep people updated with everything that is going on without overdoing it.

Speak to Your Fans Like They’re Your Friends

Your fans support you, so there is no reason to feel uncomfortable when you’re talking to them. Speak to them the same way you’d speak to some of your friends and always remain relatable. Don’t forget where you came from or how you first got started in the music industry because acting like you’re too good for the fans is a quick way to lose them for good. Keep a conversational tone, make sure your posts are relevant to the music, and avoid controversial topics and you should have no problem connecting with your followers.

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