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The new reading game helping children become proficient readers

There are many children out there who experience reading delays and deficiencies. As a parent, you should not panic if your child shows signs of poor reading processing skills. It’s normal for some children to lag behind in reading skills. If your child seems to have reading delays and deficiencies for whatever reasons, you may have to assist them in becoming proficient readers. Games have always been a perfect way to provide additional practice for reading skills. The New Reading Game, developed by Jerry Blum and The Game Agency, has proven to be a game-changer in correcting poor reading processing skills in children.

The new reading game is a scientifically proven program designed to hone particular skills that are essential in reading, including left to right eye movement, fine motor skills, and fluency processing skills. Using an interactive approach, this program eliminates too much eye movement and trains the brain and eyes to follow the line of print from left to right. Therefore, it encourages the child to read in the correct eye movement with proper pauses, rhythm, and timing.

The new reading game is ideal for children who suffer various symptoms including:

  • Poor reading rates
  • Need to re-read frequently.
  • Letter order confusion
  • Substitution and reversal of letters
  • Frequently leaves words out
  • Inserts words while reading
  • Slow reading

How does the new reading game work?

This game projects select texts across a screen in the left to right direction at a speed which the child can comprehend. It eliminates the confusing right to left reading habit and encourages directional eye movement. With consistent practice of the left to right reading, the child’s brain develops correct reading neurological patterns. The game also incorporates digital flashcard reading and spelling whereby single words are projected on the screen for a few seconds for eye retention. The child will try to recall the word or spell it. In addition, the game includes speech feedback that helps children with the pronunciation of words for better reading skills. Child Reading Comprehension and Fluency Results NOW!

The new reading game incorporates key aspects that help children to correct reading deficiencies. These aspects include:

Left to right movements – This aspect trains the child’s brain to avoid chaotic eye movement to encourage directionality of reading.

Pausing- This program projects a constant movement of words to prevent long pausing.

Speed – The game lets the child control the speed at which the words move across the screen so they can set the speed that feels comfortable and promotes good understanding.

Timing –Through a controlled projection of words on the screen, this game trains the child to adopt the perfect reading pattern.

Rhythm – With the help of speech feedback, this program trains the child on the best way to read words and sentences.

Benefits of the new reading game:

  • Its interactive approach ensures children can concentrate better.
  • Improves the child’s confidence as they achieve reading comprehension and fluency.
  • Helps to improve the performance of a child in school.
  • Delivers results almost immediately.
  • It’s an effective method that is sure to deliver results.

The new reading game is perfectly designed to help children become proficient readers. The efficiency with which children can improve their reading abilities makes this game outstanding.

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