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7 Ways How a Private Law Tutor Can Help Graduate Law School in London

If you are a law student in the UK and  struggling to keep up with your grades and overwhelming coursework in law school, keep reading.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (2019), 5.8% of law students in the UK are most likely to drop out of university. Trust me, it’s not your fault. Law is not an easy subject. With grueling assignments, memorizing hundreds of legal terms, and reading a bunch of legal documents, it gets quite challenging to keep up with studies.

But that does not mean you should give up. All you need is an experienced private law tutor who can guide you and provide some additional support. How? Well, we have listed 7 ways how a private law tutor can help you graduate law school.

1.   They Are Professionals

While looking for a law tutor in London, it is essential to find someone with relevant teaching experience.

There are surprisingly large numbers of private tutors available in the greater London area, but you must hire someone who understands your struggles.

Shortlist the kind of services you are looking for before appointing a tutor. Law tutors were once in your situation so they will empathize with your situation. Remember, they overcame the challenges that  you are going through now. So, they will try to make your academic life easier.

2.   Helps Create A Study Plan

Law students are often seen having issues  with time-management. There’s always an assignment, a deadline or classes. Managing time to do everything becomes difficult without a proper study plan.

A private tutor can help you create an effective study routine  that will help you plan for everything in advance, and you will have enough time to study for your exams. This way you will have a complete schedule and won’t have to sacrifice your sanity or social life.

3.   Practical Tips And Guidelines

As law tutors are usually experienced individuals,  they will  share many facts   they learned over the years.

Study Tips

They can give you tips on how to study more efficiently and how to choose between your electives. You can pick their brain as they have vast legal knowledge. This gives you an opportunity to discuss law with someone who has first hand experience.

Challenges Your Ideas

Law tutors encourage you to think outside the box by providing real-life examples. They can answer your questions and challenge your views in a constructive way. This will  enhance your cognitive thinking and prepare you for the courtroom.

4.   Helps Understand The Course Syllabus

 The further you progress into the studies, the more difficult the curriculum gets. By the time you finish reading for one class, you’ll be falling behind in others. Without enough  time to catch up, you will soon find yourself in a fix. That’s when law tutors come in their black robes and save the day.

They can help you with your reading materials and explain the legal terms and other courtroom jargons, and make it simpler for you. This is a huge blessing to international students  often  struggling to keep up with a second language.

Law is that one subject where everything is important, so without the liberty to skip the readings, law tutors really help you catch up and guide you to the right direction.

5.   Helps With Essays And Revision

Essays take up a big percentage of your grade in law school. So, it is important to make your essays stand out by making it sound professional and free of errors. Law tutors proofread your academic essays and offer guidelines so you don’t get diverted from your topic.

They can also review your course syllabus so you know you are staying on track with all your classes and exams.

6.   Provide Ideas For Law Dissertation

Law tutors help ease the pressure of overwhelming work on your dissertation. But it is not easy to seek guidance from your university professors in a class full of students.

Luckily, private law tutors can help you brainstorm interesting topics for your dissertation and advise you on how to make your paper sound original and also get  your work second marked to ensure the quality of your paper.

As they understand the structure for dissertations, they can mark drafts for you and provide feedback.

7.   Reduce Stress

Honestly, the main reason for hiring a law tutor is to reduce your stress over everything.

Student life is chaotic on its own. So, if someone can help you calm your nerves during this chaos, why not get the help?

Law tutors constantly motivate you and provide you with the academic attention you require to pass your courses. Law school is quite competitive, having experienced tutors can help you excel in the courses because of the knowledge and expertise they can share with you.


Finally, there are many law tutors available in London, so it’s important that you choose someone,  you feel comfortable sharing your ideas with.

Keep in mind that the right private tutor can help you see law from a completely different angle.  They ease your difficulties and make you love studying law. But keep in mind that their job is to provide you with the extra support you need, not to take the tests for you, or write your assignments for you.

So as long as you do your part and follow the guidelines, you will find success! Best of luck.

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