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The UK’s Biggest Side Hustle Surpasses 500,000 Users

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OddsMonkey, the pioneering tech business that has spent over a decade reshaping the gambling industry, is celebrating a significant milestone: surpassing 500,000 users. This achievement underscores the platform’s growing influence and success in helping users beat the bookies and earn substantial profits through bookmaker bonuses. At the opening weekend of the Euros, users have already shared £150,000 in profits. 

OddsMonkey has revolutionised the concept of the side hustle, providing users with tools and strategies to turn bookmakers’ offers into profits, an impressive £75.5 million, since 2016.

Key Highlights

  • 500,000+ Users and Growing: OddsMonkey has surpassed half a million users, showcasing its widespread appeal and effectiveness in providing profitable opportunities in the gambling sector.
  • £75.5 Million in User Profits: This impressive sum represents profits tracked since 2016. The real figure is likely much higher.
  • Biggest Side Hustle in the UK: OddsMonkey is arguably the largest and most successful side hustle in the UK, if not the world, transforming traditional gambling into a strategic, profit-making endeavour.

The Strategy Behind Beating the Bookies

OddsMonkey’s approach stands out in the gambling industry by focusing on matched betting. This strategy allows users to leverage opportunities to ensure profits regardless of the outcome of sporting events. This method mitigates risks and maximises earning potential, distinguishing OddsMonkey from conventional gambling methods.

Paul King, Founder of OddsMonkey, commented:

“When we first started OddsMonkey, I believed matched betting could positively impact the lives of many people. But I never imagined it would grow to the size it is today. Reaching the humbling milestone of over half a million members.”

For more information about OddMonkey and its innovative approach to matched betting, please visit https://www.oddsmonkey.com.

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