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The ultimate solution for a modern business

modern business
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Returning to “normal” is no more an option. The crisis we are going through has forced companies to question a working model often limited by the four walls of offices. It has accelerated their transition to a digital way of managing the workflow. At the time when companies must integrate the culture of remote work into their business operations, it is the issue of rethinking how to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers while achieving simplicity and security. An electronic signature tool designed to sign PDF files and documents in other formats is among the solutions that facilitate the implementation of this new reality.

Since this service has become very popular, the digital market is filled with competitors. Everything possible is done to optimize user experience, and ease of use is crucial for the adoption of this technology. SignNow is a cloud platform, which is considered the most reliable amongst other similar digital solutions, according to the reviews published on popular software websites. Its interface is also recognized as one of the easiest to use. 

SignNow is not just an application for signing papers. It integrates seamlessly with key business applications and processes. Users can sign documents without any delay, anytime and anywhere, even when offline, using equipment of their choice. The provider’s templates help drive compliance and manage workflow, which anyone can follow at any time. The risk of error is minimized; the need for revisions is reduced, and the monitoring and reminder tools guarantee greater efficiency. 



An e-signature refers to electronic data legally recognized as acceptance of a certain document. This efficient record-keeping tool is the main element of the growing trend toward paperless offices. This is indeed a useful solution, as printing, faxing, delivering parcels, or meeting partners in person are time and money-consuming. 

Unlike most similar products, SignNow goes beyond simple signature drawing. It helps in streamlining workflow and completing various paperwork tasks within minutes. Here are its most praised features:

  • Unique signatures. The software serves to create a signature linked exclusively to a specific user and stored for future reference. Once chosen by clicking a corresponding button, it receives legal validation. 
  • Security. Two-factor authentication is introduced to ensure that the records are safe at all times. Besides, the signer identification process includes tracking the email address used to access a document for signing, as well as the IP address and the time of access. While being transmitted, the data sent and received via the platform is reliably encrypted.
  • Cloud storage. The whole documentation is locked in secure cloud storage for 7 years in accordance with legal requirements. 
  • Audit log. SignNow maintains an audit log created to show the entire history of any actions taken to modify a document, including uploading, viewing, adding elements, signing, etc.
  • Accessibility. Real-time replication is employed to support multiple file storage locations, which makes the files always available. 
  • Offline signature. This feature allows signing papers even when the internet connection is cut off. The files are sent when the device used for signing is online again.
  • Library. All users of the service can tap into a large library of legal forms and packages available at any time.
  • Integrations. SignNow provides synchronization with the better half of popular digital business tools. The platform offers access to its services while other applications are being used.
  • Payments. Users can make payments through Payeezy when signing papers with SignNow.
  • Custom branding. The option of creating signing invites, emails, and documents that reflect company branding is on hand.
  • PDF editor. The content and document formatting can be changed using editing tools built into SignNow.

All the listed functions are just a little part of what the platform has to offer. All its numerous features are described here. However, it’s not enough to go through descriptions to get a better idea about this product and to understand how handy it is. SignNow offers a free trial to provide its customers with the opportunity to practice before purchasing a plan. 


While the numerous advantages of SignNow are clear, what about its simplicity? Can such a multifunctional service be easy to use? The below instructions are compiled for those potential customers who will opt for a trial version to answer these questions. Here are a few simple steps you are required to go through to have your first signing complete.

  • Once you reach the SignNow website, create an account and log in.
  • Upload a file you need to work on or select one of the library folders, such as Archive, Templates, or Documents. You can also choose an appropriate file from your favoured cloud service. 
  • Your document will be opened within the advanced PDF Editor. Before proceeding with the next step, you can add adjustments to your file: add fillable boxes or any textual content, insert images, or include annotations.
  • Click the My Signature button for self-signing or add additional fields to be signed by a single recipient or a group of them. Then, send the file. 
  • Chose whether you prefer to create your signature by typing, drawing, or uploading it and decide where exactly you want it to be placed.
  • Click the OK and Done buttons when the task is complete. Once your file is signed, you will find the variants of what you can do with it next in the More options. 

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