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Top 5 Crowdfunding platforms for your Startup

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money to finance projects, startups, and businesses. It gives you a chance to collect money from a large number of people via online platforms.

Crowdfunding is a popular way to find startups; it is an innovative way of sourcing funding for new projects, businesses, or ideas. Many small business owners turn to crowdfunding sites to share their brand story and cultivate a loyal following.

Those are not partners but famous platforms with large audience.It is an alternative way of raising funding for new projects, businesses, or ideas. People have raised more than $34 billion using platforms with easy-to-use tools that allow a smooth experience for both business owners and their supporters. 

Business crowdfunding can provide you with fast access to cash, but it requires a strong promotional strategy, increased transparency, and the possibility of giving up a piece of your business. It is an excellent option for any budding entrepreneur to generate fast early-stage startup cash for their business idea. But you should know which type will help you to have a profitable business. Crowdfunding for startups is a common practice, and it’s also often used by inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and charities.With this money raising strategy, you can start without capital.

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding platforms are websites that can interact between fundraisers and the crowd. Many platforms operate with an all-or-nothing funding model. Meaning that if you reach your target, you get the money, and if you don’t, everybody gets their money back.

Main types of crowdfunding 

Equity-based crowdfunding

In this way, investigators receive equity of the company in return for their contribution. The idea is similar to how common stock is bought or sold on a stock exchange.

Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is when startupers lend money to a company, and they get repaid that money by interest. But it works excellent for lenders too. When people take risks, they can quickly build portfolios, which then can pay higher rates than banks.

Rewards-based crowdfunding 

Some people donate to a project or business instead of receiving rewards in return. Still, it must be non -financial, for example, goods or services, at a later stage in exchange for their contribution.

Donation-based crowdfunding

Business owners lend some money to meet the larger funding aim of a specific charitable project, but they don’t receive a financial return.

Debt-securities crowdfunding 

 Many retail investors (the crowd) lend money through a platform to a business or individual. In removing many intermediaries involved in the transaction that happened through a bank, debt-based crowdfunding can keep the costs down for borrowers while potentially giving the lenders improved return rates. 

Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms proved to work

In this  Top 5 Crowdfunding platforms to help you raise money for your business or startup.


This company allows both rewards-based and equity-based campaigns for small businesses. Startups can offer potential backers rewards or equity in exchange for funding. For Rewards raises, the minimum money for backers can be as little as $1, but in equity-based campaigns, the money grows; the minimum commitment is $1,000. Equity commitments are processed offline. The platform also has support and financial backing. In this case, it makes  sense  to consider this platform because they offer the most comprehensive way to engage investors.


It supports all types of businesses and projects, from arts to food and craft. But before starting the business, you should have information like location and industry, and then you can start your work and select a timeframe to earn money. But if you don’t raise the anticipated amount, you will not receive funding. So if you are an artist, with this company you can have your future great business.


This company allows users to create funding campaigns and share their stories. From the earliest development stages, you’ll have access to support from individuals who believe in your brand. Having said that, this platform is considered to be one of the best to earn money with your great idea.


Pateron can help you if you are an artist or a creative professional. This platform supports artists to start their crowdfunding efforts. Examples include podcasters, video creators, musicians, writers, and game creators. So they enjoy the art you produce and want to see more of it, and they’re willing to invest in you as an individual. If you are an artist or have a good idea worth investing in, you can try Pateron for your future business.


This company is also very unique. But this platform accepts only US-based businesses, and if you want to start raising money, you need at least a minimum viable product or prototype, proof of concept, and two or more team members. Many people earn 100.000 dollars with this company. So it’s worth trying SeedInvest if you have already had a successful business with income.


Crowdcube is an equity crowdfunding platform built to turn your friends, family, fans, and customers into investors. They’ll help you set realistic targets, a sensible valuation, a compelling pitch, and a well-executed communication plan to unlock Crowdcube’s investor community. At 75% funding, Crowdcube’s legal team will become involved to help complete your round quickly. So you’ll be charged a success fee of 7% on the amount you successfully raise, and payment processing fees also apply. If you are an innovative person or business owner, you should consider using this platform for raising money for your startup.

With each platform, you will need a different approach or a business type, but starting a startup business requires not only a great idea but also a lot of money and finding the best specialists in the field. So, find the best platform to raise money for your startup to succeed before someone else does it before you.

Lilith is a freelance writer who is very interested in startups, businesses and investment in general. She is a polyglot who loves learning new languages like French and Chinese and she loves traveling. 

Link to Bio: https://muckrack.com/lilit-karapetyan-1

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