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Top 7 cheap and fast ways to ship your goods

For most online retailers, a problem arises when it comes to shipping your goods. There are many different ways that you can ship your goods, but as an independent retailer, the forefront of your concerns will be cost and speed. Lengthy and expensive delivery service is one that will prove a detriment to your company and one that will cause nothing but trouble. Your customers will believe your delivery service to be a reflection of your company, and if your service is poor and badly managed, they will think that of you, and the likely scenario is that they will not want to do business with you in the future, choosing your rivals over you. A delivery service should be effective and efficient and should not leave your customers with a sour taste in their mouths.

Here are the top seven ways to ship your goods cheaply and fast.

One-Day Shipping Services

If, in the past, you have struggled to find a comprehensive guide on how to ship your goods effectively, look no further than here. Hopefully, visiting this website will answer all of your questions. One-day shipping services are often peer-to-peer shipping services, and they are very effective. Peer-to-peer shipping services are, essentially, a random traveler signed up to the peer-to-peer network, which takes the parcel and travels with it to a destination that they were already going to. Some people are not comfortable with people that they have never met taking their parcels for them, but these services are always insured and fully vet the people to whom they conscript as couriers. These couriers are paid a fee for their time and travel, and it is a great way to make a bit of money on the side if you travel very often, providing that you have the time.


Drop-shipping is a method of shipping wherein the retailer does not hold products or stock, and rather delegates it to a third-party (often the manufacturer). The manufacturer will then ship the product directly to the consumer, thereby meaning the retailer does not need to lift a finger. The retailer in this instance works as, almost, an intermediary, and takes a commission for the sale of the product without ever having to package or post it. This is a very effective shipping method that means you do not need to lift a finger nor constantly go to and from postal offices.


Collection, while not a method of shipping, is an alternative that can be used with great success, and a great way to cut costs. A collection simply requires consumers to attend your place of business and collect the parcel directly from you, without any shipping. If you are a business with limited income and are just starting out, then this could potentially be a very effective method for you and be very efficient in reducing unnecessary overhead costs. Try out the collection method and see if it works in your local area.

Personal Courier

There are many independent couriers that can be hired on a contract basis to work for your company if you have very few deliveries to make. If you have a very fast-paced business with many sales being made, then this may not be a viable option. For a slow, fledgling, or independent company, a personal courier may be the best option and a great way to cut the cost of contracting a larger courier firm to manage your deliveries for you. Personal couriers can be found in classified advertisements or on online freelance courier websites.

Federal or Royal Mail

Depending on the country that you live in, sending posts by federal or Royal Mail can be very effective and quite simple. You are insured, often, and you can rest easy that your package is in good hands and with people that you can trust. These services do, unfortunately, cost a lot of money, and you will seldom be entitled to any discounts to reduce the cost of your shipping. Still, notwithstanding price, security is something well worth the cost, and the services themselves function very quickly.

Courier Company

A courier service is often the go-to. Big courier services charge huge amounts of money and can be very expensive, to be sure you have the demand to warrant the cost.

Freight Shipping

If you ship large parcels overseas, then freight shipping will undoubtedly be the best option for you. There is no limit to the size of your parcel, and it will arrive internationally quickly.

Now you know seven shipping methods that can be utilized in your company. This page should hopefully have told you seven cheap and fast methods of dispatching your parcels. A smooth delivery process is crucial should you want to succeed as an e-commerce or independent businessman.

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