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How to increase revenue with your website


Businesses of all shapes and sizes are flocking the booming online frontier. They seek to establish a strong online presence, delight target customers and maximize revenue.  This is certainly achievable, but it is no small task. There are many pieces that need to fall together and quite a bit of planning involved.

You might be tempted to unleash a barrage of sale pitches and engage in blatant self-promotion. However, that is not the way to go. You are much better off optimizing your website for conversions and user experience (UX). So, abandon the idea of cutting corners and treating people as dollar signs. Here is how to make success happen.

Functionality comes first

Making a solid first impression is important, but it only goes so far. User-friendliness is the nucleus of your efforts to garner sales, not splendid visuals and layouts. This is to say that you have to ensure smooth navigation and introduce visitors to a limited set of easy-to-understand options. For instance, integrating site search bar and navigation menus are an absolute must-haves.

Moving on, you need to make sure to optimize your site for mobile devices. The bulk of all traffic originates from these platforms and users want to see pages and content rendering seamlessly across different screen sizes. Responsive design is probably the best course of action. It produces a mobile-friendly layout, streamlines forms, and makes page elements easy to interact with.

Furthermore, note that carrying out A/B testing holds the key to making educated decisions. Namely, it gives you a clear idea on what changes work best for your website. It eliminates the guesswork and enables you to do much more than blindly follow fads. Even slight alternations (when done in accordance with data) can lead to significant spikes in conversion rates.

Strip it down to essentials

Some of the on-page areas you might want to test first are calls to action, headlines, images, etc. At the same time, you have to think ahead and think smart. It is safe to say that the simplicity of modern minimalist design reigns supreme nowadays. So, de-clutter your website and get rid of unnecessary distractions and visual noise. Reputable web design agencies stress that the lower number of page elements is linked to higher conversion rates.

They point out that less can be more, but only provided that you make each and every page item count. Thus, create a list of several revenue-driving hallmarks: display your value proposition, one or two key offers, and explain what you stand for. Moreover, anticipate and answer FAQs right off the bat and let people know about your services and products. You may also add a compelling call to action, which proposes the next step worth taking.

Filling pages with relevant content

Creating great content is our next step, an amazing strategy for driving revenue. To make it work for your brand, conduct thorough market research and establish segments you want to target. Then, tailor your content marketing strategy to the wants and needs of your audience. Take this chance not only to solve problems and improve people’s lives, but also to become a distinguished industry expert.

One asset that steers user behavior like no other is high-quality media. Videos, in particular, are highly effective tools for improving conversion rates on your top landing pages. The human brain processes visual information way faster than text, which means that complex ideas and messages can be communicated in an instant. Just be careful not to go overboard and slow your site down— that would undermine UX and increase bounce rates.

Cultivating trust and loyalty

Fostering trust lays the groundwork for the sale to come to a close.

In the absence of face-to-face contact, there are many ways to go about this task. First off, you can highlight social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews, video demonstrations, case studies, and associations. They are indispensable because consumers highly value peer recommendations and opinions. When these speak in your favor, people are tempted to choose your brand over your competition.

One last option to consider is implementing live chat to your website. This can work miracles for e-commerce sales and also address any pain points on a buyer journey. To make a real impact, though, try to improve your response rates and utilize chatbot technology. That way, you can keep up with requests and nurture long-term loyalty.

And if you do everything right, an additional benefit kicks in. We are talking about consumer data, which substantially reinforces your sales strategy. Just note that you need to offer something in return— think in terms of digital downloads, promotions, coupons, free subscription, etc. Give some before you ask for some.


If you really mean business, you better be prepared to shape up. Take time to evaluate your current website and its building blocks. Draw people in by projecting an image of professionalism and trustworthiness. Make an effort to craft amazing content and bespoke landing pages.

Provide a ton of useful information and step up in the customer service department.  Prioritize conversion rates and user-friendliness when revamping the site. Following these steps, you will tap into a steady stream of revenue and elevate your bottom line.

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