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Top careers to choose in the casino industry

The casino business is a lucrative business earning millions of dollars in revenue every year. With millions of people spending money on this business, it is not surprising to understand that the casino needs a huge pool of labour to sustain business profitability. With an average salary of $46,000, building up a career in the casino business seems like a good choice. Let us check out the top paid casino jobs that you can pursue to build a career in this remarkable business.

Shift manager

This job role is mainly centered around the gaming floor. The shift manager has a huge amount of responsibilities which requires supervising the casino personnel, checking whether or not ht casino policies are being adhered to, interacting with the guests as well as offering them high-quality services.  This job is one of the most sought after jobs in the casino business and requires applicants to have at least three years of experience in the casino business. If you are having a bachelor’s degree, you might have a chance of cracking the recruitment process. But keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree is not essential. A simple business or hospitality degree would be sufficient to crack this job role. In some casinos, you have to show a certified Internal Auditors or Certified Public Accountants, Other operators demand a good percentage in an external examination. Usually, you will be eligible to earn an annual salary of $55,200 per year to $79,500 with bonuses.

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Internal auditor

The internal auditors are in charge of making sure that the casino functions are devoid of any failures of compliance or fraud cases. They have to make reports of their findings and have to work on weekends and night shifts as well. You have to keep in mind that the auditing procedure usually operates all the time, while the casino is open. To apply for this post, the applicant has to have a degree in a related quantitative subject, accounting, and finance. Some casino operators their candidates to have a Certified Public Accountants or Certified Internal Auditors, which are earned by passing an examination to show their experience. Usually, they earn around $55,237 to $79,566 which is not bad compared to other auditing jobs in the market.

Security manager

The main aim of a security manager is to safeguard casino property. Besides, he or she needs to supervise the staff and ensure that the guests are in a safe and secure place. If you want to apply for this post, make sure that you are carrying an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in business or criminal justice. If you have a security experience in a private firm or law enforcement, you are sufficient enough to get this job. Depending on the state and city, the security manager needs to have certifications or permits. Some casino operators even demand CPR certification. Usually, if you crack the recruitment process, you will be entitled to an annual salary of $63,080 up to $111,671.

Director of Operations

One of the most responsible jobs in the casino, the Director of Operations has a number of tasks to cater to such as making new business strategies, checking casino operations, checking the personnel and managing the live casino events and functions like tournaments. This is a very demanding job role and requires applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. That’s not all, you need to have at least a minimum of 10 years of casino experience to apply for this post. Not surprisingly, the job offers the applicants with a stupendous annual salary of $86,600 to $150,000.

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