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Top recession proof jobs during the COVID 19 outbreak

The Coronavirus has taken everybody by storm. Not just from the health point of view but from economics as well. People are losing their jobs left and right as the economy around us crumbles. Recession is afoot and the longer the outbreak lasts more jobs are going to suffer.

However, there are certain jobs that are going to thrive during and after this period. There is a handful of jobs that are currently needed to sustain the world. Also, some of them are going to get more attention after the situation is resolved.

Medical Professionals

It is more than sound to say that the only job that is safe is being a medical professional. Actually it is safe from recession but not really safe health-wise. Medical professionals around the world are battling to save lives and keep us going after the epidemic is finished.

It is definitely a type of job that people are going to look more into as the need increases. During this dark period of our planet, it is definitely something that will be increased even after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cleaning Experts

This is a type of job that is flourishing during this period. Companies that are able to provide sanitizing services will thrive during this period, especially in places that are hit hard by the situation. One such company, that provides Residential and commercial sanitizing services, can certainly attest to that. They are already experiencing an increased amount of work during this period.

After the confinement period is over, many people will need cleaning services. These companies will more than likely take advantage of this situation and help mitigate people’s homes and also help in preventing the virus to spread further.

Utility Workers

During the time of crisis, we have to make sure that the pillars of our society are in check. Those who work on keeping everything stable are utility workers. Taking care of roads, electricity, the sewage system, taking away the trash, all of these things are important to keep our regular way of life going.

This is a type of job that cannot be touched by recession and will only be in deficit if things start going really bad. And let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


Teachers are needed to keep the future of our society going. Once the situation with the Coronavirus is clear people who are able to teach will get back to their regular posts and train our youth for the future. Even now during the outbreak, teachers are working hard online to help our youth in learning so they don’t pass on their regular studies.

Law Enforcement

When things start going dark somebody will be needed to maintain the peace. Law enforcement officers are the first line of defense and are there to maintain the situation. When people start to panic it can lead to some really nasty stuff. The order needs to be made and we have to balance things out.

Law enforcement is a type of job that will surpass recession and any kind of economic problem for longer periods than most. Each country will use it to preserve the pillars of society and keep things going.

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