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Top Easy Ways To Edit Your Photos

Once you understand what a camera is in broad terms, exposure basics, and how to capture a great photo, then you can now learn some photo editing essential skills, to make great photographs or even put finishing touches on your photographs. 

Either you use a smartphone or a DSLR camera; it’s good to edit your photos, to make your photos look better, just a few tweaks can make your photos turn from normal to amazing. What differentiates a normal photo from a great photo; is how well the photo is edited. Basic photo editing skills will make your photo stand out from other photos. And this is important when you want to make a good impression on your photos. 

Here Are The Basic Rules You Need To Follow If You Want To Edit Good Photos

Using natural, indirect sunlight is always best for great photos. Even when you seem close to a window, capture photos there too if possible, if you don’t have indirect light try to use a lightbox, try to avoid flash as much as possible – it’s better if you use a flash diffuser. More so, one factor to consider when editing an image professionally is the type of photo editing software you’re using for editing your photos. There are some free alternatives on the market, so you could choose the one that suits you. Also, close personal photos make you use the macro settings on your camera. 

Top Easy Ways To Edit Your Photos

After taking a glamorous photo that represents your artistic representation, these steps below will guide you on how to edit proper and beautiful photos, more so. After reading these steps you can also get creative with your editing process.

  • Adjust The Brightness/Reducing Shadows

Increasing the exposure and brightness of your photo is a great and first step to correcting it. When you increase the brightness, you should avoid blowouts – these are huge white spots that can appear if there was anything shiny or metallic.

  • Lastly, Your Photos Should Be Saturated

Sometimes we As you can fix this with saturation. 

Even if you take pictures outside, saturating your photos can depend on the color of the photos and if done well enough it makes them look more vibrant. You’ve got to be careful when saturating your images.

  • Hue And Color Balance

It’s normal for photos to have strange colors, and Hence sometimes obvious when increasing the saturation of your image, you could make the colors look beautiful. Yellow and blue are the most used colors for indoor lighting, if a photo is looking too yellowish, increase the amount of blue, or if it’s looking too blueish increase the amount of yellow. 

  • Contrast

Contrast Is Useful for black and white images, it adds a little drama to color images, a higher contrast makes the dark colors darker and the lighter colors are lighter. Contrast is more like saturation and exposure. 

  • Add Text To Your Photos

Adding text to your photos is great because it has a huge effect on sites like Pinterest and BuzzFeed. You can hardly find good photos without text on them. You’ve got to crop the image before adding text, then leave space to add text. More so by adding text to your image, you’re showcasing your brand. You can add a word by choosing a good one, make sure. It’s easy to read.

  • Use Collage

If you have taken multiple shots, you can use collage to mix the image. You can easily add collages with photo editing apps like PicMonkey, Or Picassa – you might want to crop the image into squares, it all depends on the collage. 

  • Adjust Color Saturation And Vibrancy

Once you adjust the balance of your photo, you, in turn, refine the colors. You can also use saturation and vibrancy controls. The difference between saturation and vibrancy is that increasing vibrancy increases the color of the intensity in neutral color tones and maintains color. While saturation makes all colors in a photo more intense. 

Finally, when you want to edit your photos well enough, you need to consider things like the right editing program, they’re free and paid programs, you just got to choose the one that suits your needs better. Some editing programs offer cloud services where you can easily store and retrieve edited photos in the cloud. Some software has mobile versions that you can still use to make some edits.

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