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Turkey: Land of Affordable Cosmetic Procedures & Holiday

For many years Turkey has been the place to go for a holiday, either because of the wonderful weather, food or scenery. There are lots of reasons. For the last 10 years, people started to add another reason, cosmetic procedures!

 1000s of people have come to get their teeth done, hair transplant done or they had plastic surgery. You may wonder why on earth are so many people coming here?? They could maybe put money aside back at home and get it done there, or use the finance option and get it done there. Well, yes. But, everyone coming here also knows the Turkish doctors have years of experience in their field.

Another reason to add is, they also go on holiday and get their treatment done and still they don’t have to spend more money than they would have back in the UK.

Now, when you research you will notice there are lots of clinics that provide cosmetic operations. But do they give aftercare once the patient goes back home? Do they even have an office outside of Turkey? How good their doctors are? How quality services does the clinic have?

There are many questions to find out and make patients to research. To get the best offer you look at so many clinics, it is easy to get confused and remembering which one offered what is hard.

Clinic Center makes things easy. Once you are in Turkey, you don’t have to do anything. You have your transfers, hotel, hospital etc. Everything is already arranged for you. All you need to do is come. Nice right?

So what procedures do they do? They do plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and hair transplant. For more detailed information about the procedures you can always pop over to their office in London , if you don’t feel like coming to their office, they also do video consultations, right?

Whatever you decide to do, make sure there is always an option for you to talk to someone before you go anywhere. Make sure all your questions are answered and that you’ve researched your surgeon before you see him or her.

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