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Why Dental Clinics offer Dental Implants

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Many dental clinics of repute offer their clients the services of dental implants because these implants are life-changing in a positive way. People who have dentures, for example, no longer need to remove them every now and then once the implants have been fitted.

The Meaning of Dental Implants

Dental implants are meant the artificial teeth roots that dentists use to replace the original sources. The greatest advantage of having dental implants is that they strengthen the teeth and give them a longer life.

Another advantage of dental implants is that once you have them, the look of your mouth remains unaltered. The implants fit very well within your dental set, matching even in colour.

The procedure of fitting a dental implant is surgical, and it involves making a small incision within the gum. Nevertheless, since the procedure is performed under anaesthesia, it is essentially painless.

Why People like Dental Implants

While some people like having dental implants for cosmetic reasons, others wish to have them for the sake of improving their health and general welfare.

Take, for example, a person who already uses dentures. If these are ill-fitting, speech is interfered with. Such a person often speaks with a slur and sometimes ends up mumbling. The reason for speech interference is that the denture keeps slipping as the jaw moves.

However, dental implants can solve this problem because they hold the dentures in place; and the person is able to speak in a normal way.

Dental implants make eating easier, something that is not possible when dentures keep sliding. Obviously, if you cannot chew your food properly, absorption of nutrients is adversely affected.

Another advantage of having dental implants is that the dentist neither reduces the size of your teeth nor alters their shape. For that reason, the life of your natural teeth is not affected.

It is important to understand it is not always necessary to have dental implants for your entire set of teeth. You can have some for selected teeth. One big advantage of such implants is that they allow you to have better access to the spaces in between the teeth, and this enhances your oral hygiene and overall health.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implant?

Only the doctor at the dental clinic can confirm if you are a good fit for dental implants. Nevertheless, you can also assess yourself because some things that need to be considered are basic. For example, if you are well enough to have a tooth extracted, you are also well enough to have a dental implant.

Another factor to consider is the health of your gum and the density of your bones. For you to be ready to accommodate a dental implant, you need to have healthy gum, one free from infection. Your jawbone should also be strong enough to support the dental implant.

Very importantly too, you should be ready to maintain a high level of dental hygiene once you have been fitted with the implant. In addition, you should be committed to visiting your dentist on a regular basis, a recommendation given to everyone in general.

There are also some situations where you can self-eliminate as a candidate for dental implants. For example, if you are a smoker, dental implants are not for you. The reason is that as a smoker, it is difficult to maintain the level of oral hygiene required of people with implants.

Other reasons that can disqualify you as a candidate for dental implants include being diabetic or having a heart problem.

Success Rate of Dental Implant Procedures

Apart from instances where someone has serious pre-existing health conditions, anyone can undergo the procedure of dental implant with great success. For that reason, you need not hesitate to visit a dental clinic whether you want the procedure for cosmetic reasons, to enhance your oral health, or to boost your self-esteem.

Cost-effectiveness of Dental Implants

After accepting that dental implants have a significant role to play in enhancing people’s oral health and general well-being, it is time to consider the cost element. Are dental implants worth their cost?

The best way to confirm it is worth having dental implants despite their cost appearing a little higher than some other dental treatments is that once you have them fixed, you can live with them for ages without any need to change them.

Another factor that makes dental implants cost-effective is the fact that you do not need to buy special tools to clean them. In fact, you clean your teeth with a brush and toothpaste the same way you do on a daily basis with or without implants. The usual flossing remains the same as well.

Countries Great for Dental Tourism

A number of countries have been developing their medical services not only to cater for their citizens but also to bring in foreign exchange through medical tourism. Impressively, these countries are not always considered developed economies, yet they manage to offer world-class medical treatment at affordable rates.

Turkey, for example, has been offering medical services to foreigners at affordable rates, especially those in need of neuro-surgery, bone marrow transplants, and even the treatment of cancer.

Another medical speciality that is growing in leaps and bounds in dentistry. People from both developed and developing countries are increasingly choosing Turkey as their destination of choice because they are able to benefit from the country’s high-quality dental services that are availed at a comparatively low cost. You could check dental Implants reviews in Turkey on Trustpilot.

Another thing that makes Turkey alluring as a destination for medical tourism is the ability of many doctors to speak English. It means that normally there is no language barrier between the patients and doctors.

Even in the rare event, a given specialist cannot converse in English, hospitals have an international department with competent translators, and they are known to handle their job very well.  

In short, whether you are interested in dental services or any of the other medical services that normally call for specialized handling, you need not fear venturing beyond your borders. After all, health is worth more than riches.

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