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Unique modes of e-learning that will make your business grow

Learning management systems offer an excellent way to conduct corporate training that not only helps impart skill to your employees but also helps enhance their productivity.

It exposes your staff to better compliance training and provides the ground for extra learning opportunities. However, e-learning isn’t the magic bullet that will provide a solution to all your problems. This is why it is important to include several types of content in your training that provides your staff with more engaging and effective learning opportunities.

If your current model of training is falling flat, then the courses are not as engaging as it should be. The primary reason behind this is your e-learning relies too much on text and does not include interactive models of learning. Here are some options you should consider if you want to add unique variety to your e-learning courses.

Add Powerpoint presentations

Slides are important e-learning formats for pretty good reasons. With the apt use of text, images, videos, and animations it adds spice to your content, making it visually appealing and more engaging for the learner. LMS platforms will let you build slide presentations from scratch. After which you could customise based on your business needs. LMS provides integrating your presentations with google slide to have a pleasant sharing experience.


Screenshots are a must-have if you are into software or product training. They help in providing step by step instruction to the user which helps them to make comparisons as well. It helps to make the troubleshooting procedure an easy affair for the learner.

Charts and bar-graph

Use of statistics provides a visual illustration for people to follow along. This also helps to draw a comparative study of the topic which has a better impact on learning. Learners can better relate to the changing trends of business and make them more efficient and productive.


An engaging video should be part and parcel of any learning management program. One thing that is important to be kept in mind is that the videos should not be too long otherwise it loses attention. It should be short,crisp and sweet to hold onto the audience’s attention. Adding humour to videos also does the job in just the right way.

Interactive games

Gamification has been a lot on the trend list and is slowly getting a lot of attention across e-learning. At times it is nice to make the learners feel that they are having fun while learning. Games should be both user-friendly and interactive with interesting game modules. Adding a learner board could help learners track their progress.

Animated GIFs

Memes and GIFs have been quite popular on the social media so adding relevant ones to your training can better illustrate your point and add some humour to learning. Adding your own GIFs is definitely a good idea by taking a few pictures and processing it using GIF tool.

Learner’s checklist

In e-learning, it is a great idea to use checklists to illustrate a new process or simply the workflow. Providing a list of action items that your learners need to fulfil will help keep track of learners progress. This will provide a sense of completion to the user by the end of the training.

Interview videos

Interviews by subject matter experts and key players in the industry could deliver best practices and expert advice. A good interview with a personal anecdote will help the learner grasp significant takeaways in a course.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking of implementing a new e-learning course, emphasize  more on the aspect of design and user-interface. The end goal should be to educate the user  keeping him thrilled and engaged. LMS consulting will provide you with a variety of programmes that will help build a roadmap for your training needs.

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