Driving forward environmental aims and objectives
A UNISON case study

Page 1: Introduction

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There are many issues in the workplace that require discussion, for example, attention to health and safety at work. This helps to keep accidents to a minimum. Other important issues include the environment, training, facilities for staff, pay and conditions and equal rights. These affect employees' ability to do their jobs well and happily. When these issues arise, employees frequently need...
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Page 2: Aims and objectives

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The planet we live on faces a challenge. Every week more evidence is uncovered about climate change. As a trade union, UNISON is committed to playing an active part in responding to the problems of climate change. Its first response was to set a direction for its members on how to save energy within the workplace. It also concentrated on ways of reducing waste and improving processes for...
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Page 3: Developing a strategy and creating tactics

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UNISON has developed a long term strategy designed to meet its aims and objectives. Its strategy involves engaging with the government. It also involves working with its members, who set the overall direction for the union”s work. Most of UNISON's members work in the public sector. This sector accounts for more than five million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. Public services are a...
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Page 4: SMART objectives

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Precise objectives are an essential part of a strategy.  Without clear objectives, it is difficult to evaluate what a strategy is trying to do or whether it has been achieved. Using the SMART approach to setting objectives helps to make them: Specific objectives should specify what they want to achieve Measurable an organisation should measure whether they are meeting...
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Page 5: Stakeholder communication

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Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations who affect or are affected by an organisation. For example, the government may set targets that organisations have to meet. Organisations positively affect local communities by providing employment for local people. Some stakeholders exist inside an organisation. These include employees and managers. These internal stakeholders have an...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Recently, Frances O'Grady, Deputy General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) praised UNISON for showing 'real leadership on climate change'. A recent government report, the Stern Report, concluded that 'there is still time to avoid the worst impact of climate change, if we take strong action now'. UNISON's aims and objectives have a strong environmental emphasis. They have helped it...
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