The repositioning of Hobnobs
A United Biscuits case study

Page 6: Launched in the late 1980s

Once consumers become familiar with particular brands, they often begin to believe that they have been in the shops for a lot longer than they actually have. It is difficult to believe that Hobnobs have only been with us for just over a decade. Hobnobs (original) were launched in 1986, closely followed by the two chocolate Hobnob variants in 1988.

Following the highly successful launch of the original biscuits, McVitie's decided to build on the strength of the brand. The famous Hobnob name was then extended to Hobnob bars (a new countline) in 1989. Hobnob Creams were launched in 1992 and much more recently, Hobnob Flapjacks in April 1997.

United Biscuits | The repositioning of Hobnobs


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