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VPN for your business

The European Union has recently adopted a new data protection regulation – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This piece of news was discussed in different parts of the world. Why? The GDPR requires organizations providing data, in this case, primarily news sites and newsletters, to inform the state about their financial viability. And since lots of them don’t want to do this, their content has been completely blocked in the territory of those EU countries where this regulation is already in force.

How To Bypass Restrictions

Lots of American media sources were blocked, even the largest ones, as well as a lot of English news portals, were. As never before, there was a need to use services that could provide freedom and circumvent censorship. That’s exactly why free VPN services are in such demand nowadays. They let the users access any content they are willing to at any time of the day and night.

One of the obvious pros of the law is that there will be fewer spam emails from websites which are no longer relevant for some users. But a significant con is also evident: it is rather sad to see the site is unavailable when you visit the largest news portal you have been reading for quite a long time.

Security experts suggest taking advantage of VPN services for working online. VPN is a special encrypted tunnel between the user’s network (or device) and the server. Such a connection allows you to bypass any blocks, access any content, reduce the number of ads on pages, and so on.

5 Reasons to Take Advantage of the Service

VPN protects you from hackers, as well as has a great number of other benefits.

  • Cybercrime

VPN encrypts everything: let it be your private secrets or bank data. There are lots of VPNs on the market today, and not all of them always ensure the same security level. Don’t try to save money by installing free VPN for business; it is unlikely that the free version has all the significant functions, such as malware or bots blocking.

  • Remote job

VPN is required to not only securely access the websites but also to protect your local network. Previously, it was necessary to use hardware VPN networks. Nowadays, VPN services allow you to set up a network almost automatically, including allocating a personal secure IP address to each employee who needs it. An employee can use this IP through VPN from anywhere.

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions

How to visit the website blocked at the governmental level? VPN makes it possible for you to bypass your ISP restrictions. Installing the service, you can surf the web from any place on the globe you have chosen yourself no matter where you are physically located.

  • Safe browsing for clients

If you’re an owner of any public establishment, and your clients always use Wi-Fi, then it’s worth taking VPN and security seriously. If the hackers hack your Wi-Fi, they will get access to all the data passing through it including passwords, bank data, etc. Therefore, be sure to use a router with VPN support.

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