Making the best use of limited resources
A War Child case study

Page 1: Introduction

One of the challenges facing every organisation today is how to make best use of its limited resources. In any aspect of business, there should be no room for poor use of resources through inefficiency, wasteful administration and poor co-ordination of activities. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of a charitable organisation. Money provided for good causes is at a premium – it...
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Page 2: Extending War Child’s remit

War Child has grown from a two-man organisation working out of a sitting room in North London, into an international aid agency with offices in half a dozen countries. As the fighting finally came to an end in the former Yugoslavia, the focus of War Child’s work moved from short-term emergency aid to longer-term rehabilitation and construction projects, the largest of which was the Pavarotti...
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Page 3: Establishing aims

For any business organisation to be successful, it is necessary to establish clear aims. Without clear aims, an organisation has no sense of direction and will be unable to monitor and record the progress it is making. The aims of War Child are to: focus public attention on the plight of children in war zones alleviate the suffering of children by bringing material aid into war zones support...
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Page 4: Balancing the books - revenues and expenditures

Any well-run organisation must keep a detailed account of the financial side of its operations. Not only must the organisation give the best value for money for every pound that it spends, it must also make sure that it can always easily cover its expenditures by its revenues. A well-run charity therefore operates with the utmost respect for sound financial housekeeping. It is only by operating in...
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Page 5: Fundraising case study

Recently, West Africa (and, in particular, victims and refugees from the Liberian civil war) has become an important focus of War Child’s work. After seven long years, the civil war in Liberia has reached an uneasy peace. The population of Liberia has been decimated by mass killings and a whole generation of children have had their lives completely disrupted by the war. They face a bleak and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study has highlighted how important it is for any organisation to have clear goals and strong financial accountability. As an aid agency, it is essential for War Child to work in the most efficient way possible, carefully controlling limited resources to help improve the lives of children affected by conflict throughout the world.
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