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What Does the Future Hold for CBD Products?

It is safe to say that CBD – both the substance and derived products – is popular throughout the entire world. Almost everybody knows what CBD is and, most importantly, what CBD’s health benefits are.

At the same time, it would be wrong to assume that this is the peak of the CBD industry. Even though the substance’s research spans quite a lot of decades, its popularity as a day-to-day product grew only recently.

In short, CBD as a common product is yet to show us its true potential – as many people claim. Therefore, more and more of us want to see what’s going to happen to CBD products and how they are going to evolve throughout the years.

Innovation for CBD Products

As you might already know, there are a lot of types of CBD products that one can buy. Starting with products like CBD softgels, and all the way to gummies, tinctures, and even CBD-infused drinks/beverages, you can find this substance in almost every type of edible item.

However, CBD is not limited to products that can be only consumed/ingested. There are also various topical and beauty creams available, designed for better skin and health/injury treatment.

Ultimately, when it comes to innovation, most people expect CBD to become a part of their day-to-day life. This means that, instead of relying on the good old sunflower or olive oil, we might end up cooking or seasoning salads with CBD oil. In short, CBD is on its way to the kitchen shelves.

Increased Consumer Demand

Initially, CBD products were seeing restrictions similar to those placed on cannabis. However, as full-spectrum CBD products were developed, those restrictions were slowly lifted. Why?

Well, because full-spectrum products don’t contain any THC in them, and cannabis is forbidden in some parts mainly due to its THC concentration. In short, CBD is basically weed but without the high. As a result, anyone can enjoy it, no matter their age and location – and sometimes even species.

That’s right! CBD products have evolved so much and have reached a stage where they come with benefits for pets as well. Given that they were found helpful in some of the most common afflictions, it is clear that their demand will only increase as years go by.

Regulation Is Still an Issue

CBD products may be largely legal, but this might be only because the regulation around CBD as a substance is still minimal and not fully developed, so to speak.

The last bill referring to this substance, namely the Farm Bill of 2018, simply allowed products derived from hemp to be sold in several states. This is known as minimal regulation – why? It’s because it doesn’t concern the types of products that can be made/sold or where they can be distributed.

For example, future regulations might decide upon the manufacturing of products, as well as on their type of advertisement and marketing. For all we know, CBD might be put in the same pot as coffee and tobacco and experience the same kind of regulations too. The main reason for this would be the fact that many of the claimed health benefits of CBD have not been largely tested and proved. 

Competition Will Be Fierce

Obviously, competition is fierce and will be much more than that in the future. At the moment, it’s safe to say that only a small part of entrepreneurs and business people know exactly what CBD is and why it is so popular. Anyone trying to buy this substance at the moment will find it quite difficult, mainly due to local restrictions and/or shipping. 

Naturally, competition is healthy. It will increase the number and variety of available products and, at the same time, will promote product quality. Given the rather sensitive topic that revolves around CBD, namely its mixture of health and wellbeing, businesses will not sacrifice quality.

CBD Will Become Much More Affordable

At the moment, even some of the most unexpected countries began to fight for their CBD rights, so to speak. Since cannabis and marijuana are popular worldwide, it goes without saying that an alternative to those substances will become just as popular.

Moreover, given that CBD is pretty much legal to buy and consume, this will also push for affordable prices, unlike the case of other substances of this type. Demand will grow in time, more manufacturers will start to appear on the market, and the prices will inevitably go down. 

CBD-Based Prescription Medication

There are already certain drugs and medications that wait for FDA approval. As we all know, CBD is said to come with a plethora of health benefits, from stress relief all the way to potentially being able to significantly ameliorate PTSD symptoms.

However, CBD products don’t usually come with FDA approval. But, given everything that has been stated above, it’s very likely that labs around the world will start running tests on CBD in all of its forms and determine if they’re really helpful to the human body and mind.

Even though most CBD users don’t need this type of approval, such a thing will help increase the substance’s consumer base in the future. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, the future of CBD looks more than just promising. One might say that the substance and its derived products are still in their early phases and that, soon enough, one in ten people could be a CBD consumer.

At the same time, choosing the CBD way is much better than choosing other drugs, even cannabis. After all, you’re free to inhale, ingest, smoke, or eat CBD in broad daylight, without experiencing any side effects.

In the end, the wide range of CBD products that is now available in certain countries might soon become available in almost every state and country in the world. Naturally, we might even see a multitude of new products developed every single year!

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