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What Is Transcreation And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Transcreation is the process of translating a marketing message from one language into another while maintaining the same marketing outcome. It is an important aspect of marketing and advertising if your target market is international or locally diverse. Transcreation is a complex task that requires expertise and a specialist skill set. Let’s take a closer look at what transcreation is and how it can benefit your business.

  1. Cultural Awareness

The concept of marketing is to communicate a message across the board. The message may be intended to evoke a certain emotion and encourage consumers to purchase the product in the aim of experiencing a particular outcome. For example, Coca-Cola is known for marketing its product by evoking the feeling of happiness and togetherness. Transcreation in this particular context means that regardless of cultural backgrounds, ever consumer should feel encouraged to buy the product and experience those emotions.

Transcreation also means being aware that when marketing the product internationally, it isn’t a matter of translating an English advert directly into another dialect. Cultural awareness is crucial to make sure that the right words and tone are used in the appropriate context. For example, the word happiness has various meanings in African dialects depending on the context. In one context, happiness can be used in a spiritual context, and the other in terms of togetherness. This means that when Coca-Cola advertises in those specific spaces, they need to be aware of the context of happiness otherwise their product will be communicated in a spiritual context.

  1. Cultural Sensitivity

Every cultural group has historical sensitivities that need to be taken into careful consideration when it comes to marketing. This is particularly important to note when using images in marketing. Well-meaning adverts that contain contextually-controversial images may inflame sensitivities. This may mean that the company will be thought of poorly by the group, and so experience negative branding. It is therefore important for companies to involve experts from a transcreation agency bring such sensitivities and awareness to the fore.

  1. Global Branding 

Transcreation can benefit your business in that your brand may become global. Seeing that the digital space has connected consumers from across the globe, transcreation has become an important part of business communication strategies. If your business successfully executes the process of transcreation, your branding strategy has value added. Once your brand is globally understood, your sales increase because of a wide target market.

The result of successful transcreation is also that your brand is appreciated for its accommodation of diversity. For example, Coca-Cola won the hearts of consumers when it included names of people across the globe on its packaging. Consumers from South Africa, China and the United States, for example, all enjoyed purchasing bottles that had their local names. This in turn increased Coca-Cola sales across the globe.


Transcreation is a process that involves translating a message from one language to another while maintaining its universality. It is a process that includes cultural awareness and sensitivity. As a company owner or marketing manager, you are advised to hire experts who can execute the art of translation for your company. Having successfully executed the process of transcreation, your brand has a better chance of being embraced globally.

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